Beat Hazard Ultra coming to PS3 on October 18

Beat Hazard Ultra will hit the PSN on October 18 for $9.99.

Beat Hazard Ultra now has a release date on the PlayStation 3. The console port will be available on the PlayStation Network in North America on October 18 for $9.99, and on October 19 in Europe for €6.50. The "Ultra" version was planned for both PS3 and Xbox 360, but the last we heard, the Xbox Live Arcade version is in limbo. This version takes the well-received music-based shooter PC game and adds online multi-player along with new enemies and power-ups. It was downloadable content for the PC, but it's getting a standard release as a complete package on PSN. According to the Cold Beam Games site, Microsoft "rejected" the game for XBLA. It's worth noting that Cold Beam Games isn't so much a "studio" as it is "a guy." The game was built by one man out of his garage, which makes it about as indie as indie gets.

Beat Hazard

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