Batman: Arkham City getting Catwoman DLC

Batman: Arkham City will release four downloadable episodes starring Catwoman, according to an official strategy guide.


Batman: Arkham City features playable sequences with the lithe burglar Catwoman, but keeps the majority of its focus on the Dark Knight himself. If you're left wanting more of the anti-heroine, don't worry: downloadable content is on the way to add more Catwoman missions. Four DLC episodes will reportedly hit sometime after launch.

The reveal came from the description of the game's official strategy guide, available at GameStop (via OXM):

Bonus Catwoman's Walkthrough: Get complete coverage of Catwoman's DLC content! All 4 episodes are revealed!

In addition, the guide promises to detail 12 side-missions that reveal "a number of major characters." These missions are likely included in the game.

We already knew downloadable episodes were going to continue telling new stories, after Batman voice Kevin Conroy leaked the projects at San Diego Comic Con. Now that we know episodes will feature Catwoman, it's probably a safe bet that we'll see some featuring Robin too.

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