The Gunstringer DLC is live-action cowboy laser game tribute

Twisted Pixel pays homage to classic laser games like Mad Dog McCree in The Gunstringer's free launch-day DLC, with a live-action shooting gallery starring cowboys and Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman.


"CRAZY" is how The Gunstringer developer Twisted Pixel has teasingly described the Kinect-powered shooter's mysterious free launch-day DLC, but it's turned out to be beyond that. The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, you see, is a live-action homage to classic light gun games like Mad Dog McCree.

You see, Wavy Tube Man Jr. (son of the Wavy Tube Man killed in The Gunstringer) steals a time machine from an inventor played by Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman to change history. To stop him, you'll be blasting through what appears to be a Wild West enactment town filled with Twisted Pixel's friends in period costumes, gunning down cowpokes, hoodlums and varmints with your fingers. Oh, and you go to the future too.

Twisted Pixel has used short live-action sequences in games before but this... this is special.

The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles can be downloaded for free now from Xbox Live Marketplace. The Gunstringer launches today for Xbox 360 Kinect, and comes with a download code for Fruit Ninja Kinect too.

G4TV has captured the opening minutes of The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles for us all to enjoy:

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