MineCon attendees get Scrolls & Cobalt codes

Minecon attendees will receive alpha codes for both Scrolls and Cobalt, Mojang announced today.


Minecon, the upcoming gathering of blocky world enthusiasts, is throwing in an extra bonus to entice attendees. Specifically, attendees will get alpha codes for Mojang's two upcoming games: Scrolls, and Cobalt. The early-bird ticket price is running out, though, so you might want to check your couch for change quickly.

The event takes place November 18-19 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Tickets aren't exactly cheap: $99 now and $139 after October 1. But, access to two games should sweeten the deal.

In addition to being the next game from Mojang, Scrolls is best known for its ongoing legal battle with ZeniMax over use of the word "scrolls."

Cobalt isn't being developed by Mojang, but will be the first game published by the Minecraft team. Check out the experimental shooter in its debut trailer:

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