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Dynasty Warriors and One Piece combine for PS3

Dynasty Warriors is teaming up with One Piece to make "One Piece Pirate Musou" for PlayStation 3.


Everyone loves a good mash-up. DJs, fusion restaurants, and Glee all rely on taking two things people already love and squishing them together. The long-running Dynasty Warriors series is joining up with another classic anime franchise, after teaming up with Gundam three times. Not content to slaughter countless historical figures and robots, the series is treading new territory: the popular manga/anime series One Piece.

The latest issue of Jump (via Andriasang) confirms the PlayStation 3 exclusive game, titled "One Piece Pirate Musou." Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei are collaborating on the project, and have been dropping hints about the reveal recently. The "Musou" part is the Japanese reference to the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and the game will include its token large-scale battles. Other details were scarce and the game doesn't even have a release window yet. We'll get our first look at it during the Tokyo Game Show later this month, but a hands-on is unlikely. If we did do one, it would probably read something like this: "it's a Dynasty Warrriors game... with One Piece characters."

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