NASCAR Unleashed announced, coming this fall

Activision announced NASCAR Unleashed today, an arcade racer spin-off of the main series that allows you to go off-track and bump opponents using famous cars.


Activision announced NASCAR Unleashed today, a spin-off from its annual series. It's due this fall for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and 3DS, and it offers a few notable changes from the main series.

Instead of racing strictly on the tracks, you can also explore streets, beaches, and off-road courses. You'll still be in your NASCAR vehicle and driving as famous faces like Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr, but it's taking a more arcade racer approach. You'll be picking up Boost power-ups, drafting, and bumping other racers out of the way.

"NASCAR has been tremendous in that they've given us the flexibility to design different kinds of racing games for their vast audience," said Activision Publishing VP David Oxford in the announcement. "We really wanted to make something electrifying for all NASCAR fans, not just the hardcore. NASCAR Unleashed gives players a new style of speed and excitement, without sacrificing accessibility."

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