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Move-enabled 4 Elements HD hits PSN on Tuesday

Boolat Games' PlayStation Move-enabled puzzle game 4 Elements HD will be available on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday.


Developer Boolat Games' colorful matching puzzler, 4 Elements HD, will be available for download via the PlayStation Network on August 30. Apparently, evil forces have unbalanced the four elements, thus drying up the "altar of life." Collecting sixteen "mysterious cards" and four books of magic across a sixty-four level campaign will set things right.

The official PlayStation Blog touts the game's PS-exclusive features, also shown in the trailer below. Optional PlayStation Move support lets players easily draw lines though groups of elements, supplementing support for standard controllers. The game features an upgradable castle as well, which players can enhance by using points earned when completing new levels. "Per-level and global leaderboards," are also in the mix, alongside Trophies.

Interested parties can grab 4 Elements HD for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network when it launches this Tuesday.

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