Go Home Dinosaurs! announced

Go Home Dinosaurs! is announced by developer Fire Hose Games (Slam Bolt Scrappers), and will debut at PAX 2011.


Fire Hose Games, the developer behind the PSN-exclusive Slam Bolt Scrappers, has announced the tower-defense-like Go Home Dinosaurs, a game that pits cute and fuzzy mammals against invading dinos. Players will assemble "puzzle-piece shaped weapons" to contend with the mischievous dinosaurs, and the game will also include a trading-card mechanic that players will use to level up and select new "dino-destroying abilities."

Fire Hose Games hasn't shared much else about Go Home Dinosaurs at this point, though given Slam Bolt Scrappers PSN-exclusivity, it seems likely that the PlayStation 3 will be a likely target platform.

Those attending PAX 2011 this weekend have the opportunity to see the game in action for the first time by stopping by the "Indie Alley and next to the PAX 10 in booth 6408," where Fire Hose will be located.

(via Joystiq)

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