Amy scares Gamescom attendees with new trailer

A new trailer for the survival-horror title Amy hits Gamescom 2011.


Set in the not-too-distant future of 2034 in the small mid-western town of Silver City, Amy focuses on a woman named Lana trying to survive in a bleak world. Climate change has gotten the best of mankind, and to top things off, a mysterious comet has crashed on Earth, turning people into rage-crazed monsters. The game's titular heroine is an "enigmatic eight-year-old autistic girl with strange powers" that accompanies Lana on her mission to survive.

Although Amy will feature some close-combat scenarios, it will ultimately focus on stealth-based gameplay. The game's press release also touts its "detailed rendering, modeling and motion capture animation hitherto expected only from fully boxed product."

Amy doesn't have a set release date yet, but is planned for release on PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and the PlayStation Network this fall.

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