Resistance 3 map 'Alice Springs' revealed

Alice Springs is the latest Resistance 3 map to be revealed ahead of the game's September 6 release for the PlayStation 3.


The fourth of the "major 16-player maps" for Resistance 3 has been revealed, bringing the raging war from the United States to Australia.

Alice Springs, Australia, takes place in a desert town in the Northern Territory. According to Resistance lore, Australia is the site of a "gigantic refugee camp" dubbed Avalon One. Now, the "safe haven" has been overrun by Chimera and the small town is home to aggressive, close-combat battles.

Much like Australia's real-life video game retail market, we anticipate the cost of war in the region will be at least double the price of the United States. Seriously, they pay way too much for games down there.

Resistance 3 launches exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on September 6. The game is currently in beta for SOCOM 4 owners and will launch for PlayStation Plus users later this month.

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