Plants vs Zombies, Peggle coming to Facebook

Two of PopCap's most popular casual games, Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle, are planned for release on Facebook.


PopCap is planning on bringing two of its most popular casual games, Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle to Facebook "eventually." The ball got rolling when noticed a slide at an EA investor meeting that posed the two games under "Success on Facebook" next to planned EA games Risk: Factions and The Sims: Social.

The Escapist reports that PopCap's Garth Chouteau later confirmed the reports, but was hazy on the details. "Sure, they're coming to Facebook eventually," he said. "No timetable available yet, however." The word "eventually" doesn't sound like it will be terribly soon, so you might have to rely on old-fashioned methods of bragging to your friends about your zombie-killing abilities.

The slide calls the future outlook "strong" with these titles in tow, and it's hard to argue with the reasoning. Both PopCap titles have been hits on multiple platforms, and now that they've run their course offering free-to-play Facebook versions is a logical next step. EA is wasting no time putting their acquisition of PopCap to work, and hasn't broken anything yet. Fingers crossed.

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