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Section 8: Prejudice getting 'Overdrive' map pack

TimeGate is releasing the Overdrive Map Pack next week on PC and Xbox 360. It includes two new maps for $4.


Despite being a $15 downloadable game, Section 8: Prejudice has been treated more-or-less like a retail product. So far the game has gotten a title update and unlockable mode, so it comes as no surprise that TimeGate is releasing a map pack like the big boys.

The Overdrive Map Pack will release on June 1 for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. It includes two new maps for $4 (320 MSP). Abaddon has you protecting a power cell facility surrounded by piping-hot magma, while Sky Dock is a military base smack in the middle of a frozen tundra. Both maps are playable in all game modes, both online and off.

The press release doesn't mention a date for the maps on PlayStation 3, but the game hasn't released for the platform yet, so it may be a while after launch. For now, we just know it's going to come out sometime in the summer.

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