Luminesca preview

We take a quick look at an in-progress build of Luminesca by Matt Glanville, a new PC indie title about exploring a mysterious aquatic world.


Lights, silhouettes, and physics-based gameplay all take center stage in Luminesca, an underwater action-exploration title being developed by UK-based indie, Matt Glanville.

I recently had a chance to play some of a work-in-progress version of the game, and while it's still very much in development, it's already very atmospheric and provides a world that begs to be explored. At the game's outset, a ancient machine has rumbles to life in an aquatic world, and begins depleting the planet's water supply. The player takes on the role of a plankton-like protagonist named Lum, who sets out to find the machine's core in an effort to save his community. It's an action-exploration title at heart, complete with creepy enemies.

Among other things, I asked Glanville about the inspiration behind the game's engaging visual design.

Some games that have influenced Luminesca's design are ones that portray a rich, memorable atmosphere like Ico, Half-Life 2 and Super Metroid. That strong sense of mystery, awe, and the connection you have as a player to your environment is something I find very appealing and have wanted to expand on for a long time.

The visual style has some obvious similarities with other silhouette games like Patapon and Night Sky, but was also born out of a necessity for it to be easy to produce a lot of content in a short time. Another thing I love about silhouette art is that it's clear and easily readable for the player. I think that's a very important aspect of game art that can often get overlooked in favour of just making things look as pretty as possible.

For the full preview, which includes extended impressions and more information about Luminesca - including how to donate to the project's ongoing development - head on over to Shacknews' sister-site, Indie Games Channel.

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