Nintendo of America appoints new marketing VP

Nintendo of America has appointed Scott Moffitt to the Sales & Marketing VP spot, occupying a position formerly held by Cammie Dunaway and current NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime.


Nintendo of America has appointed a new executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, Scott Moffitt, effective starting today. Moffitt's background includes 20 years of marketing experience, including spearheading Mountain Dew Code Red and AMP for PepsiCo. Most recently, he worked for Henkel Consumer Goods as senior vice president of the Personal Care division, which includes brands like Dial and Right Guard.

"Scott Moffitt makes a marvelous addition to the Nintendo team," said NOA president Fils-Aime in the announcement. "His expertise in driving growth will be a terrific asset as we build momentum for the Nintendo 3DS system and continue to reach new audiences for the Wii console."

The VP of marketing position is one formerly held by Fils-Aime himself, and then by Cammie Dunaway once Fils-Aime took the top spot. The marketing VPs tend to take stage position during E3 presentations, which means we may see Moffitt in a month's time when Nintendo unveils its next console.

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