Halo Waypoint updating with new features, motion comic

Microsoft and 343 are kicking off the 10th anniversary celebration of Halo with WayPoint updates, a new motion comic, Avatar goods, and mysterious plans for PAX Prime.


Microsoft and 343 Industries are preparing for the 10th anniversary of Halo, and the first of undoubtedly many celebratory salvos will be coming through the Halo Waypoint hub. This Friday, Halo Waypoint will be updated with performance tweaks, a new "Compare with Friends" feature, Instant On streaming video, and two new career levels. It will also reflect your stats for Halo: Reach and allow you to launch the game from WayPoint.

In addition, on Saturday, April 23, WayPoint users will be able to watch a new motion comic called "The Mona Lisa." The comic shows the crew of the UNSC Red Horse discovering a derelict prison ship called the Mona Lisa. Prisoners are nothing if not known for their appreciation of classic art. The crew goes to investigate and, unsurprisingly, ends up battling the Covenant. This is why most people know better than to check out creepy abandoned prisons.

The Avatar marketplace will be updated on Thursday to give you a new selection of Spartan duds and Red vs Blue t-shirts. Finally, 343 promises more Halo-based merriment for the anniversary this August at PAX Prime.

We've heard rumors of a remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved this year. It would certainly be a nice way to cap the 10th anniversary celebrations, but for now the rumors are still unconfirmed.

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