Super Stardust HD 'Impact Mode' DLC announced

Super Stardust HD is getting a new DLC pack this spring, titled "Impact Mode." As the name implies, it rewards crashing into meteors by racking up the points.


Super Stardust HD may be almost four years old, but Housemarque is still supporting it with another downloadable content pack, due this spring. Sony has announced "Impact Mode," which lets you boost into meteors and enemies rather than shoot them down. As long as you're smashing into stuff, your boost stays active.

The mode can also rack up much higher scores than the traditional game modes, since score multipliers keep growing as long as you're recklessly crashing your ship into space rocks and hapless enemy pilots who must be wondering if this is some twisted game of chicken.

Housemarque has already shown a lot of attention to Super Stardust, giving it two DLC packs so far, being among the first PS3 games to support Trophies, and then taking part in Sony's 3D push. The studio has moved on to other projects like Outland, but it's nice to see their older hits getting a little love.

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