Limbo, Splosion Man, and Trials HD getting bundled at retail

Limbo, Splosion Man, and Trials HD are heading to retail outlets as a bundle pack for $29.99 on April 19. The pack also includes a 48-hour XBL Gold trial and 160 MS Points.


A new Xbox Live Arcade retail bundle is coming, and it juxtaposes an existential look at grief and the afterlife with splosions and bike tricks. An Amazon listing (via Joystiq) revealed the bundle, which consists of Limbo, Splosion Man, and Trials HD.

The entry lists the triple-pack for $29.99 -- not a bad deal, considering all three bought individually would be $35. The date is listed as April 19.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the date and price to Joystiq, and also revealed that the bundle will come with a 48-hour Xbox Live Gold trial, and 160 MS Points. It may not be enough to pay for the DLC packs in Trials HD, but that piece of Avatar clothing is so yours.

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