Weekend Discussion

In case you missed it: Garnett has a brand new hands-on with Duke Nukem Forever. If you're craving more Duke action, there's a lengthy video interview released by 2K featuring marketing VP at Gearbox and Shacknews founder Steve Gibson.

Here's what the Shack staff is playing this weekend.

  • Garnett Lee: I actually don't know. I feel the pull to slip behind the wheel with Gran Turismo 5 some and I'll certainly continue my quest in The Witcher.
  • Alice O'Connor: I intend to become better acquainted with those cheeky space-Brits of Dawn of War 2 - Retribution, the Imperial Guard.
  • Xav de Matos: I've got a preview build of an upcoming shooter and a retail copy of an upcoming brawler keeping me busy. I've also got some criminals to thwart in DC Universe Online.
  • Jeff Mattas: I'm back into The Witcher again, doing some more, uh, witching. I'm also itching to play through Dead Space 2 again, this time on Zealot difficulty.
  • Steve Watts: It being Valentine's weekend, I'll be spending some time wining and dining my wife, and then waiting for said wine to kick in so she falls asleep and I can play more Stacking. Romance!
  • Ozzie Mejia: I won't be playing much this weekend. I'll be looking to get ahead in my classes, so I can give myself all of next weekend to gorge on Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
From The Chatty
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    February 12, 2011 8:02 AM

    What is the meaning of this?

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      February 12, 2011 8:04 AM

      The link http://www.shacknews.com/latestchatty.x takes you to a different chatty dependent on the time of day or even if it's a weekend or not.

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      February 12, 2011 8:07 AM

      What's going on ITT gayares?

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      February 12, 2011 8:34 AM

      You don't act like a scientist

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      February 12, 2011 11:23 AM

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