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Rockstar Fixing Red Dead Redemption Invisibility Bugs

Kotaku reports that many users are experiencing invisibility bugs with the recently released Red Dead Redemption on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but Rockstar is already working on a fix.

Among the disappearing items are player characters, guns, hands, and even horses. The bug seems to be isolated to the multiplayer game, but take a look at the invisible horse bug in action:

When the game launched last night, many users also reported problems with logging into multiplayer.

A Rockstar representative told Kotaku "if you're having issues please email We are also actively on the forums helping people with any questions they may have about the game. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to getting a fix out as quickly as soon as we can."

From The Chatty
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    May 19, 2010 9:08 PM


    • reply
      May 19, 2010 9:12 PM

      Absolutely. Not to mention superior multiplayer.

      • reply
        May 19, 2010 9:25 PM

        Alongs as Rockstar cares enough for the PC to give it a good port.

    • reply
      May 19, 2010 10:04 PM

      So that they can make a terrible port and have more bugs?

      • reply
        May 19, 2010 10:22 PM

        and fuck you over with the rockstar social club bs

        • reply
          May 20, 2010 12:17 AM

          And take well over a year to half-ass fix the game, but it still runs like shit anyway.

          • reply
            May 20, 2010 4:50 AM

            If GTA4 runs like shit then your PC isn't strong enough, or you haven't dialed down the detail far enough, or you've done something wrong.

            It runs admirably for a large number of people.

            • reply
              May 20, 2010 8:14 AM

              Ya, a e8500 dual core running at 3.16GHz, 4GB of RAM running at 1GHz, an HD that spins at 7200RPM, a power supply of 750W, and a Radeon 4870 slightly overlocked isn't "strong enough".

              The detail can set as low as possible and as high as possible, and the games run between 25 and 45 FPS at all times virtually independent of the settings.

              So by all means, please continue to tell me my PC isn't "strong enough", and not that the game was a complete failure of a port.

              • reply
                May 20, 2010 8:39 AM

                GTA IV was designed with 4 cores in mind. I have a pair of 9800GTs in SLI, which is comparable to your 4870, and an i5 750. I get a steady 30-35+ fps outdoors with higher quality settings than on 360.

                I've heard that a quad core is about 50% faster than an equivalent dual core.

                Seriously, the most annoying thing about GTA IV on PC isn't the performance, it's those annoying flickering shadows that they'll probably never fix now.

                • reply
                  May 20, 2010 8:52 AM

                  35 FPS in a game that looks are shitty as GTA4 does is completely unacceptable.

              • reply
                May 20, 2010 11:26 AM

                Your PC isn't strong enough. Many people are having no issues whatsoever.

                It might not be your PC isn't strong enough. It could be that your particular combination of hardware doesn't work well with the engine. My system has a less powerful video card than yours but a faster CPU with four cores and I can push 60fps fine.

                GTA4 for the PC had major shipping issues, but they've been worked through. When so many people have no issue with the port nowadays, I don't think the issue lies with the port.

                • reply
                  May 20, 2010 3:08 PM

                  Contradict yourself more.

                • reply
                  May 21, 2010 12:37 AM

                  The issue still lies with the port to this day..... I went through a C2D and and currently have a i7 core now, and I'm hard-pressed to get over 45+ fps on it. I've got 480's SLI'd and its not that good for me since I'm a framerate whore, so I actually run it at like 1600x900. I might get above 75+ when I'm inside a building, but you can't say, "Oh, our game isn't meant to run on hardware of this generation because it's so fucking AWESOME, (and use it as an excuse to simply not optimize your shit, FOR TWO FUCKING GENERATIONS OF HARDWARE or a number of years after your game releases. Rockstar fucked up, that's it. I've played a lot of games that simply run better on PC than console and blaming GTA4 not running better than the console on my PC is most definitely not my PC's fault regardless of hardware at that stage. Developers are not the infallable creatures you make them out to be.

                  I do believe that RD: Redemption will probably run better than GTA4 did in the past, which was quite some time ago IF they port it to PC if they give a shit about sales...oh wai...they probably don't give a shit. Big surprise there. I'm a cynical bastard at heart.

    • reply
      May 20, 2010 1:33 AM

      Yeah, like the superior PC version of Red Dead Revolver. Oh wait!

    • reply
      May 20, 2010 2:46 AM

      I still have to go with the 360 version to posse up with other shackers; can't waiting 6-12 months for that.

    • reply
      May 20, 2010 4:49 AM

      I'm with you, waiting for the PC version, but let's not forget that Rockstar shipped GTA4 for the PC with some pretty bad bugs. Really similar ones in fact (disappearing cars)

    • reply
      May 20, 2010 8:14 AM

      is this a joke thread

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