Quake Live Getting Six New Maps, First Hits Today

As the open beta for Quake Live--id's free-to-play web-based update of Quake III continues--the developer has kicked off a new "6 new maps in 6 weeks" initiative.

The company promises "a mix of new and classic maps," with today seeing the addition of the "Hidden Fortress" map from the Dreamcast iteration of Quake III Arena.

"Already considered the best new arena created for QUAKE III Dreamcast, we chose to make very few changes in bringing this classic map to QUAKE LIVE," wrote id. "The arena was originally created by Martin Kaai Cluney, a designer for [Q3DC porting studio] Raster Productions. Kaai is now a designer at id Software working on the RAGE team."

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From The Chatty
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    May 18, 2009 9:06 AM

    From the Dreamcast version? Wow, this game has been around for a while now. And I'm old.

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      May 18, 2009 9:20 AM

      Aw, I first heard about the shack from PC players dropping into my DC server and kicking our asses. When will we see network games cross the platform boundary again?

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      May 18, 2009 9:40 AM

      Yeah, and that was a year after the PC version had came out, which I had day one of course.

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      May 18, 2009 10:41 AM

      How was the Dreamcast version actually playable compared to the PS2 version for example, since IIRC the Dreamcast controller only has a single analog stick?

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        May 18, 2009 10:46 AM

        It was fueled by awesome. That's how.

        Also, realize that the PS2 was not the first "modern" FPS on a console, the n64, with it's 1 analogue, had both quake 1 and 2 on it, and it played just fine. If I remember correctly, the DC controller attempted to mimic that setup

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          May 18, 2009 10:47 AM

          er, rather the PS2 was not the first console to have a "modern" FPS***

          • reply
            May 18, 2009 12:25 PM

            True, Perfect Dark and GoldenEye are always mentioned and they were on the N64, I just never joined the console ranks before the PS2/Xbox.

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        May 18, 2009 11:05 AM

        The DC release had keyboard and mouse support. Really!

        • reply
          May 18, 2009 12:26 PM

          Thats an easy way to get around the single analog stick thingy ofc :P

      • reply
        May 18, 2009 12:31 PM

        it was actually pretty easy. the four face buttons on the right side were like WSAD, and the analog was like the mouse.

        • reply
          May 18, 2009 12:32 PM

          playing Q3 on dreamcast, online, was so awesome at the time.

      • reply
        May 18, 2009 1:34 PM

        I used the DC mouse and keyboard. I already had the keyboard for PSO Online

        • reply
          May 18, 2009 1:35 PM

          of course after Ghost in My Shell and Ease-One did the map conversion stuff, just played Q3ADC on my PC