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Sony Claims 14 Million PSN Users

Today is the PlayStation 3's second birthday, and in typical Sony fashion the company is celebrating by way of its PR department, as the company has declared that there are 14 million online PlayStation Network accounts to go with "nearly 17 million" PlayStation 3 systems.

"With 14 million active accounts and 273 million pieces of content downloaded, we know that you're thirsting for ... digital entertainment," wrote Sony marketer John Koller on Sony's official PlayStation Blog.

Sony announced in late October that it had sold 16.84 million consoles worldwide, but today's announcement of 14 million PSN accounts implies--assuming one online account per console--that over 80 percent of PlayStation 3 owners go online, which if true would be a staggeringly high rate.

How many consoles have actually gone online remains unclear, as the PlayStation 3 allows multiple PlayStation Network accounts per console.

To compare, rival Microsoft has not updated its Xbox Live user statistics since summer, when the company announced it had 12 million users. Microsoft claims that 19 million Xbox 360s have been sold, but that figure is from March 2008.

Nintendo has not publicized online usage statistics for its Wii console, but the little waggler that could has definitively won this round in the console wars with nearly 35 million customers.

From The Chatty

  • reply
    November 18, 2008 10:33 AM

    i don't believe that Sony has gotten that close to the xbox yet...Sony is always caught lieing about something.

    • reply
      November 18, 2008 10:35 AM

      Well, I'm surprised they don't have 17 million. The service is free and comes with the system. That being said, I think it's a worthless boast. PSN is free b/c it offers players nothing.

      • reply
        November 18, 2008 11:10 AM

        Offers players nothing? What? It offers almost all the same features as Xbox Live Gold:

        - Online gaming
        - Friends
        - Trophies
        - Demos

        That said, the "Xbox Live" experience is better because it's integrated tightly into games. But that doesn't change the fact that what you said was completely false.

        • reply
          November 18, 2008 11:21 AM

          Let me see --

          When playing warhawk, I wasn't able to join my friends in their game on my list. I cannot message them from in a game. I cannot invite them to join a current game. Trophies are not used by all developers and many of them are not backwards compatible. Voice isn't standard.

          That being said, I think the Playstation store is very good and they have great games. They've really made it a slick app.

          • reply
            November 18, 2008 11:25 AM

            you mean the thing they just added to the system wasn't programmed into all the games you have already?

            thats just crazy!

            • reply
              November 18, 2008 11:28 AM

              I'm not knocking them for it (too much). WoW has the same issue. But what it means for me as a player is that I've already played Ratchet and Clank 3 times. I've already played Uncharted. I've already played a ton of Warhawk. Trophies aren't a compelling argument for me as a player.

              If developers do them from the start in the future, cool. Also, achievements are a part of every 360 game. They are integrated into live, but I'm not paying for achievements.

            • reply
              November 18, 2008 2:00 PM

              The crazy thing is that Sony didn't have their shit together enough in the first place to have Trophies ready to go from the beginning.. so it coudl be part of the required specification for developers to use for all games. It's nice of them to patch it in afterwards... but a feature like this rarely works well unless it was rolled out from the beginning and to everybody. People might hate MS for them being so strict and demanding with their standards... but in the end that strict attitude reaps benefits.

          • reply
            November 18, 2008 7:46 PM

            You can message players while in any game. Joining your friends game in Warhawk is as simple as going to "community" clicking your friend's name and selecting join.

          • reply
            November 18, 2008 9:02 PM

            Are you retarded? In Warhawk you CAN join a game a friend is in, join or start your own dedicated server, message people from within a game, use voice chat, trophies are used. And more.

        • reply
          November 18, 2008 7:19 PM

          Thing for me with PSN is that I have never, ever been invited to play a game with a friend on there, regardless of a number of PS3 fanboys at work.

          Completely different story with the 360, I play online quite a bit.

      • reply
        November 18, 2008 12:14 PM

        It offers nearly everything, but the price of a gold membership. All game are online, friend invites, demos, videos, themes, rentals, etc.

      • reply
        November 18, 2008 9:01 PM

        Offers players nothing? Does this comment even make any sense? I play games on PSN all the time (Battlefield Bad Company, SOCOM, and Warhawk are my favorites), play with friends, voice chat in all games, download demos, updates, message friends, etc. What else could it possibly offer? Oh yea, you can Stream movies, buy games check out Life With Playstation, and Playstation HOME will be out soon.

        Your a fool.

    • reply
      November 18, 2008 10:39 AM

      The service is free. There is over 16 million PS3's sold worldwide, makes perfect sense. There is always a hater....

      • reply
        November 18, 2008 12:09 PM

        What does the number of PS3's have to do with it? I can go sign up for a PSN account right now and I don't have a PS3.

        • reply
          November 18, 2008 12:16 PM

          Same with XBOX live jackass, 1 is free for pc users, 2 anyone can make a silver account on their website right now

          • reply
            November 18, 2008 12:46 PM

            Pretty sure he's just pointing out that this number is worthless as a metric of success. Guess when you are a distant third, anything you can make noise about, you will.

          • reply
            November 18, 2008 1:04 PM

            Issues much? Inferiority complex?

    • reply
      November 18, 2008 5:15 PM

      Sony has never released the number of concurrent PSN accounts that are online playing a game like, oh say, Resistance. If it was in the millions then you would be hearing about it, but you don't. Why? Because PSN's numbers are nowhere near as impressive as Xbox Live's. 14 million users online? No. This is a simple tally of the number of PSN accounts that have been created over the past 2 years. It's a useless statistic. This press release is marketing spin.