New Diablo 3 Class Revealed: The Wizard

Update: For more on the Wizard, check out our hands-on impressions of Diablo 3 and the complete Wizard talent tree, direct from the BlizzCon 2008 show floor.

Original Story: The Wizard is the latest addition to the character classes of Diablo 3, Shacknews has learned from the playable Diablo 3 demo at this year's BlizzCon. Joining the previously unveiled Witch Doctor and Barbarian classes, the Wizard is said to "the manipulate primal forces of the universe to vanquish foes."

In the playable BlizzCon demo, which begins in the overgrown and mostly abandoned Tristram Woods before progressing into the Tristram Church Dungeon, the Wizard starts off with the Charged Bolt and fire-ball esque Magic Missile spells.

Frost Nova, Tornado and Blizzard attacks return from past Diablo games, and can be found alongside the new Electrocute attack in the Storm skill tree. The Arcane skill tree sports Teleport, Slow Time, Mana Recovery and the Disintegrate damage spell. The Conjure tree boasts Meteor and Hyrda.

As Tornado was a Druid class skill in Diablo 2, its inclusion in the Wizard's arsenal may indicate that the Druid will not return for Diablo 3. The skill trees are still a work in progress, with the certain portions still incomplete.

"The game is awesome," writes Shacknews editor Nick Breckon, who is on location at BlizzCon. "Even though is looks totally different, it feels like Diablo--it has the same tactile feel. The violence level is great."

In addition to the Wizard, the demo allows players to use either male of female forms of the Barbarian and Witch Doctor. However, the demo only supplies the Wizard in female form, as the male selection greyed out.

Blizzard has yet to state when the anticipated PC RPG will arrive. Stay tuned with Shacknews for the latest news and impressions directly from BlizzCon 08, and check below for the Wizard's official description.

During the show, Blizzard Entertainment also unveiled the game's third playable class: the wizard. A wielder of the elements and a master manipulator of time, the wizard can hurl environment-shattering lightning bolts, channel explosive arcane energies, and create pockets of space outside the normal temporal flow. BlizzCon attendees were able to adventure as either the wizard or the previously unveiled barbarian or witch doctor, battling alone or with up to three other players through the catacombs beneath Tristram Cathedral to a final showdown with the Skeleton King.

Chris Faylor was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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