Nintendo of America 'Disappointed' by E3 Showing, Regrets Downplaying Wario Land, Pikmin

Echoing remarks made by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Nintendo of America marketing VP Cammie Dunaway expressed disappointment over the company's oft-criticized showing at this year's E3 Media & Business Summit.

"We were disappointed with our performance at E3," Dunaway told VGChartz. "There were titles like [Wario Land: Shake It!] which we think will be really fun titles that we should have showcased."

Nintendo's E3 conference centered on a short list of titles which appeared to focus more on the casual market than core gamers, including Wii Music, Wii Sports Resort, and Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement to come out of the conference—the revelation of a Pikmin sequel—had to be pried out of celebrated developer Shigeru Miyamoto at a developer roundtable.

"We were excited that Mr. Miyamoto made the commitment that Pikmin is coming," Dunaway added. "It would have been nice if we could have said that on stage. But, we think it was a good recognition for us that we care for our core fans, and not just the new people who are now discovering Nintendo."

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    August 19, 2008 5:51 PM

    Isn't Nintendo supposed to host some event before/after the Tokyo Game Show?
    Maybe they'll have some meaningful things to say, or *gasp* to show.. (one can dream)

    • reply
      August 19, 2008 6:35 PM

      If you're talking about Spaceworld, haven't they not been having them for a while now?

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