Microsoft Denies High Castle Crashers, Braid Prices

Update: Microsoft has informed Shacknews that the reported $22.50 price point for Castle Crashers and $15 Braid price, believed to stem from a now-removed Microsoft Japan listing, are incorrect for both domestic and international markets.

The company further noted that it will officially announce price points for those titles on the Monday preceding Braid and Castle Crashers' respective release dates, or August 4 and 25.

Original Story: Following Microsoft's detailing of August's Xbox Live Arcade releases, Microsoft Japan has revealed price points for most of the downloadable Xbox 360 games, while Capcom has separately confirmed the pricing for Bionic Commando Rearmed.

At $22.50, Castle Crashers and its hand-drawn, old-school beat 'em up gameplay ranks as the most expensive Xbox Live Arcade title of all time, a record previously held by Hothead's $20 RPG Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode One.

While these prices are unconfirmed for the North American market, Xbox Live Arcade games have traditionally sold at the same price point worldwide.

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    July 30, 2008 11:13 AM

    Castle Crashers for 1800 points = Epic Fail.

    I understand that this is a 'AAA' Arcade title. This is just way too much for anything on the Arcade, though. First off, it is more than the 1600 point cards they sell. That's just stupid. Second, this will KILL impulse buying.

    If they want to price it at more than the 'standard' 800 pts (fair enough), it seems to me 1200 pts would probably get them a crapload more impulse buys, and resultingly more money than 1800 points will.

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