International, Individually Priced GH2 Tracks Hit Xbox Live

Three new Guitar Hero II (PS2, X360) songs are available for download from Xbox Live Marketplace, though this time, the all-international tunes aren't part of a three-song pack. "Sin Documentos" from now defunct Spanish rockers Los Rodriguez, "Sept" from French rap-metal act Pleymo, and "Exile" from Swedish death metal band Soilwork can be downloaded for 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50) each.

HD trailers previewing each song can also be downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace. Though gamers can choose songs individually with the latest Guitar Hero II downloadable content, the 200 Microsoft Point ($2.50) price surpasses the cost of each song in prior 500 Microsoft Point ($6.25) three-packs, with each tune in the song trios costing approximately 167 Microsoft Points ($2.08).

Additionally, the titles of Soilwork's Xbox Live content describe the band as "from Germany," when in fact the group hails from Sweden. Shacknews extends its deepest sympathies to Soilwork's fanbase. The most recent downloadable content prior to this group of tracks came in September with a triple-shot of modern metal bands.

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