2001 At A Glance

Wow, 2001. Talk about a crazy rollercoaster year. Things you would expect, and things that nobody could have possibly imagined happened in the course of 2001. I'm gonna list it out in a timeline like thingie because I cant think of any other cool and creative way to present this. Stories of note in chronological order with a few smartass remarks along the way! Poke around the archives if you wish.

- Jan 8th. XBox shows for the first time in Vegas. Bitching about the controllers began.
- Jan 10th Segway rumors for the first time. The wacko at Amazon talks it up like it will change the world.
- Jan 12th Maarten breaks wind. Ever heard of a dutch oven?
- Feb 5th Soldier of Fortune 2 announced. Even more blood and guts!
- Feb 13th Shacknews announced But if you ask nicely I'll still let you borrow some Shuga.
- Feb 17th Metroid Prime annoucned as a FPS game for GameCube. Jack feels the pressure.
- Feb 22nd GeForce3 announced. It's 1 better than the GeForce2
- Feb 22nd DOOM images unveiled from Macworld. Zowie!
- Mar 6th I take up pan handling to support my habit. Hey thanks helping Shack recover.
- Mar 12th Razer bankrupt announcement, high DPI mouse go bye bye? They return later.
- Mar 12th Shackmail v0.5 launches and hasnt been heard from since!
- Mar 23rd UO2 gets canned and Lord British moves on.
- April 3rd Shack filters launch.
- July 19 Ion Storm Dallas folds, a bit later than was originally expected.
- August 10th Raven announced QUAKE4!
- August 20th @Home troubles begin to surface. Bunches of suck all around.
- August 26th Counter-Strike2 mentioned and not much else since then.
- August 31st Blizzard announced World of Warcraft. Diablo fans pout a little bit.

- September 11th.

- October 9th, Radeon 8500 shipping
- October 25th ATI is caught basically fixing benchmarks. Naughty boys!
- November 15th XBox launches, It's by the evil empire and Halo doesnt suck!
- November 18th GameCube launches. It's tiny and cute!
- November 29th ShackReviews launches, does better than Shackmail did.
- November 30th ShackDSL.net launches, and I dont qualify for SDSL at home.
- December 31st TF2, Duke4, Glaze3D, Q3 Seals, and DOOM... they arent out yet.

I'm sure there are tons more things that were worth mentioning, if you wanna point them out in the comments feel free. Also through that timeline there was one more depressing underlying theme. Websites closing, TONS of them. I was going to try and list them all but lets just say that 2/3rds of my website bookmarks that worked in the start of 2001 didnt work anymore by the end of the year. Here are a few for the heck of it. Gamecenter, DailyRadar, GA-Source, Stomped, etc. We've been widdled down to just GameSpot, IGN network, and the few remaining independents. Whatever doesnt kill you only makes you stronger though, right?

Steve Gibson is the cofounder of Shacknews.com. Originally known as sCary's Quakeholio back in 1996, Steve is now President of Gearbox Publishing after selling Shacknews to GameFly in 2009.

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    December 31, 2001 6:38 AM

    Here's a preview of 2002's list:

    - December 31st TF2, Duke4 and Glaze3D... they arent out yet.

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