Shack Chat: What game do you want to see get a current-gen update?

On the heels of Fallout 4 getting its current-gen update, the Shacknews staff thinks about what other game should level up.


With Fallout getting a major update to bring it to the Xbox Series X|S/PlayStation 5 generation, the Shacknews staff started wondering what other gems from the last generation would be great to see with a current-generation update. We came up with a diverse range of answers across all three major console makers. Here's what we came up with.

Question: What game do you want to see get a current-gen update?

The Batman Arkham Trilogy - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Next-Gen Patch

Source: WB Games

This is a trickier question than it sounds, because a lot of developers have been quite good about adding new-gen patches. Some of my favorite games from the last console generation, like Tetris Effect and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, have actually gotten modern patches. So what would I like to revisit with some freshly-patched-in 4K goodness?

Well, the answer would be Batman: Arkham Knight for me. If we could get the rest of the Arkham trilogy a fresh coat of paint, that'd be lovely too. Give me a chance to experience Batman's story all over again with a fresh new look and greater performance. It'll be a nice way to wash the taste of the last Rocksteady game out of my mouth.

Fallout New Vegas - TJ Denzer, Senior Radio New Vegas field reporter

Source: Bethesda Softworks

Look, I think Fallout 4 is neat and all, and I don’t think by any means that Fallout New Vegas is perfect. However, I do still think that Fallout New Vegas is the best the series has had to offer yet in a single-player game. Obsidian understood the assignment. They made one of the only interesting open world deserts I’ve ever played, filled it with politics, conflicts, and factional disputes, and improved upon Bethesda’s systems in smart and exciting ways. Was it still buggy? Hell yes, and you can’t even play the game on PS4 or PS5 without a costly membership to PlayStation Plus Premium. That’s ridiculous for what is still the buggy and vanilla version of the game.

Bethesda ought to do right by its fans. With Obsidian working under the same umbrella, I feel like it makes so much sense to spruce up the game, iron out some bugs, include all of the DLC, update some visuals, and re-release versions of the game onto PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Would everyone be thrilled? No, probably not, especially PC players that have had it good with access to the game and mods for a long time, but man, let me play that game on my PS5 on the couch and re-experience what was the highest highs of the Fallout series again.

F-Zero X (Nintendo 64) - Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

Long before F-Zero 99 was released on Nintendo Switch, my favorite racing game of all time was F-Zero X. While the game was revolutionary in the late 1990s on the Nintendo 64, I would love to see a proper current-generation update with updated graphics and a solid 60 FPS. Yes, I want to experience a Nintendo game running at 60 FPS. F-Zero X is currently playable on the N64 app powered by Nintendo Switch Online, so this answer fits this topic. Sam Chandler agreed.

Bloodborne - Sam Chandler, Fear the old blood

We shouldn’t have to keep asking for this. Fans should not have to beg Sony for something as simple as remaking, remastering, or heck, just giving Bloodborne a current-gen update. It’s actually getting to the point where it’s outrageous. It seems as though Sony would rather release another version of The Last of Us before they acknowledge the existence of Bloodborne. Bloodborne runs on PlayStation 5, but it hasn’t been given a fancy current-gen update. It’s time for Sony to do the right thing.

Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the Starry Skies - Donovan Erskine, PokeRapper

Source: Square Enix

Dragon Quest 9 remains my favorite game in the series. However, it likely won’t be a candidate for remake for a long time, if ever. This DS gem revolutionized my love of JRPGs and while I still enjoy it in its original state, it could use a facelift. A proper HD port on Switch with some improved visuals would be a godsend. Square Enix, I’m begging you.

Star Fox Adventures - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host, Do a barrel roll!

What game do I want to see get a current-gen update? That is a tough question because there are quite a few games that deserve to be brought to current hardware and shown off to a new audience. That being said, my answer for this question is Star Fox Adventures or I could say Star Fox in general deserves to be brought to the current gen with a good game.

I really want to give Star Fox Adventures another chance as I feel the game isn’t as bad as people think. I have tried to play through it quiet a few times but the things the game doesn’t get right weigh down the gameplay too much. Games that are made with newer hardware in mind usually get the quality-of-life options right in a remake. Star Fox Adventures could have things fixed as well as more flying sections. The different weapons and having to rely on certain characters, which controlled terribly, killed this game. Star Fox Adventures fits into those Nintendo GameCube era games like Metroid Prime and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door where people missed it the first time but would love to play it on Nintendo Switch.

Those are our selections. What are your picks? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments. You can also make your thoughts known on the Official Shacknews Community Discord.

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