The Whisper, Zero Hour & three new PvP maps coming to Destiny 2: Into the Light

Destiny 2: Into the Light will be bringing loads of new content, including a raid boss gauntlet.


Destiny 2: Into the Light Developer Livestream #3 has come and gone, leaving Guardians with more details about what to expect when the content drops on April 9, 2024. Today’s livestream showed off two reprised Exotic missions, three new PvP maps, a Pantheon mode, and some shortcuts for people who are trying to join their friends in Destiny 2 for the first time.

Today’s stream began with Bungie showing off reprised versions of The Whisper and Zero Hour Exotic missions. While both will retrain many of their features, each will have things tweaked, such as secrets and boss fights. These Exotic missions will also allow players to craft the Exotic weapons that are earned from them: Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected respectively. These two missions will launch with Into the Light, The Whisper in April and Zero Hour in May.

The second half of today’s stream revealed three new PvP maps coming to Destiny 2 with Into the Light.

  • Eventide Labs (Europa)
  • Cirrus Plaza (Neomuna)
  • Dissonance (Essence, Earth's Orbit)

These three maps are designed for multiple PvP modes, but they are focused on the 3v3 competitive experience. These maps will be free for all players and will be released when Into the Light drops on April 9. This is the first map pack to be delivered after Bungie created a PvP strike team to tackle player complaints regarding PvP.

In addition to this, Bungie also announced a new Pantheon mode in the form of a Raid boss gauntlet dropping on April 30, 2024. In this, Guardians will face raid bosses in a weekly challenge with escalating difficulties and rewards. This will give you a chance to chase down Raid Exotics that you may have missed out on previously. There were no further details given, except that we should keep our eyes peeled for more information in an upcoming This Week in Destiny (TWID).

When Into the Light launches on April 9 Bungie will also introduce a couple of quality-of-life (QoL) improvements that should make picking up Destiny 2 easier. While new players have been forced to join Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome to get up to speed for years now, Bungie will introduce a Join the Frontlines option that lets players fly directly into the Tower. Once you’re at the Tower for the first time, you can also choose a New Light Kit that will unlock a subclass for you to play with, essentially skipping a huge barrier for entry that has plagued Destiny 2 for years.

Rounding out the QoL improvements will be the ability to change how your character looks, as well as change your name one time. While name changes can’t be infinite, it does sound like changing your character’s appearance could be something you are permitted to do at will. We’ll have to see if that’s true, though.

That wraps up almost everything that was talked about with today’s stream. It sounds like Into the Light is a wonderful content drop that players are overwhelmingly excited for. I know that our fireteams here at Shacknews will be diving in to unlock that Brave title on April 9, and we’ll be updating our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide to make your time with Into the Light as enjoyable as possible.

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