ShackStream: The Stevetendo show! Episode 428

Dark Souls: Remastered continues on the Stevetendo show! Will we achieve even more progress?

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Tonight, on the Stevetendo show, we’re making our way back into our Dark Souls: Remastered playthrough. I have used the Stevetendo show as a platform for my first playthrough of games I missed growing up and that continues with Dark Souls 1. It has a been a slow grind thus far but it feels like I’m finally starting to get the hang of certain gameplay mechanics.

During the last episode, we started to make our way down into the Lower Undead Burg. While there, we found a man named Griggs of Vinheim who needed saving. Upon rescue, Griggs was appreciative and is going to help our cause in the future. It appears that there’s going to be a lot of enemies in the Lower Undead Burg so we’ll have to be on guard to avoid getting group attacked. Set to go live at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET, join the Stevetendo show for more of our Dark Souls: Remastered playthrough.

Dark Souls: Remastered Playthrough
I think this is the start of a nice relationship with Griggs!
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Shackers who want to join in on the fun can head over to the Shacknews Twitch channel, where you can tune into the Stevetendo show every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

If you can't make tonight's show, you can watch Wednesday nights at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. Coming up on the show is more of our Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess playthrough. It feels like it has been years since I last played Twilight Princess so it's going to be fun going back to it. We'll also be getting back into our Another Code: Recollection playthrough, too. The action is heating up on the Stevetendo show and you'll want to be there for it all!

I didn’t have time during the last Stevetendo show episode so tonight I’ll give my thoughts on Mario Day. It would have been nice to see different games added to the Nintendo Switch Online service but I’m not going to complain too much since it adds to the Stevetendo show gameplay library. Take a break from NFL free agency to catch up on all the guides and videos Shacknews has to offer.

Keep coming up with new games that you’d love to see on the Stevetendo show. If it’s on the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Online service, it has a great chance to be played on the program.

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