Romance guide for all characters - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Time to find your one true love in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth adds a social link element that allows you to increase your relationship level with key party members. Below, you’ll find information on how to rank up each of these characters and ensure you get that Skywheel date with your one true love. 

Romance guide for all characters

Here we will talk about each character individually, going over what side quests you need to do to increase your bond and what additional moments you’ll need to seek out. 

Side quests

Each region is filled with green marked side quests. Each one will increase your ranking with a specific character and some of the quests don’t open up until Chapter 12. You can find each side quest needed for a character in their specific character section.

Synergy Abilities

Cloud and Tifa fist bumping

Synergy Abilities and Actions that can be used on the battlefield actually play into your relationship level with a character. While the gains are miniscule, they certainly add up over time. So it’s worth putting them in your party and messing around with the actions in combat.  

The Skywheel date and Loveless

In Chapter 12 you’ll be able to take a special someone on a date to the theater and on the Skywheel. This will be predetermined based on your ranking with the characters. So if you’re looking to bring a specific character, you’ll need to ensure they are the highest ranked. 

Check out each character section below to see if you’ve done everything you can to bring your one true love on a night you’ll never forget. 

It’s worth noting that after finishing the game, you can change who you bring on the date through the Extra Settings menu. 

Aerith Gainsborough

An image of Aerith's relationship meter and goals

Throughout the game you can have conversations with Aerith. These will slowly fill up her relationship meter. They typically happen in new towns, areas, or quiet moments at an inn. Anytime you see the smiley face meter above her head, try engaging in a conversation. This will be your opportunity to get some extra points.

Below are the side quests you can do in each region to increase your relationship with Aerith.


  • Flowers from the Hill


  • Stuck in a Rut


  • Rendezvous in Costa del Sol


  • The Spice of LIfe
  • Woodland Vigil

Cosmo Canyon

  • Absence of a Sign

Outside of the side quests, there are pivotal moments to increase your bond. For Aerith the following moments will further your relationship

  • Participating in the Inauguration Parade in Chapter 4
  • Choosing the same taste in beachwear in Costa del Sol
  • Costa del Sol beach fight partner (just choose the side Aerith is on during the battle)
  • Performing Loveless in chapter 12
  • Going on the Skywheel date in chapter 12

A quick note, for choosing the same beachwear, you just need to choose the same number option Cloud does. So if you choose Cloud’s first option, then choose Aerith’s first option as well. Same goes for both for their alternative beachwear. 

Other factors at play for relationships are main story beats and your usage of Synergy Abilities and Skills with that character. The more Synergy Abilities you use, the more their relationship will rank up. 

Barrett Wallace

an image of Barret's relationship meter and goals

Barrett loves to talk, so anytime you see the relationship icon above his head at a new town or quiet moment, talk to him to get some points. 

For side quests, here are the quests you’ll want to keep an eye out for on the noticeboard or around each region.


  • Lifeline in Peril
  • Hustle and Grind


  • When Words Won’t Do


  • Missing Mr. Birdie


  • The Pursuit of Perfection
  • Escape from Endless Writer’s Block


  • Lament of the Damned

Other key things to do to level up Barrett’s relationship meter include,

  • Costa del Sol beach fight partner (same side as Aerith)
  • Corel Minecart Route & Score
  • Corel Prison Buggy Espace
  • Loveless
  • Skywheel Date

For the Corel Prison Buggy Escape it factors in your health at the end of the section. For the minecart route, it will take your score into account. 


An image of Red XIII's relationship meter and goals

Like every other party member mentioned, make sure you keep your eye out for conversation opportunities with Red XIII. You’ll also want to use a bunch of Synergy Abilities and Synergy Actions to increase your relationship with Red. 

Here are the side quests you’ll want to do to increase your relationship with Red XIII.


  • Livestock’s Bane
  • Where the Wind Blows


  • The Hardest Sell


  • Of Robed Men and Ransoms


  • O Chicken, Where Art Thou

Cosmo Canyon

  • From When Life Flows
  • Promises to Keep

Outside of side quests, here are other important moments you’ll want to keep an eye out for to increase Red XIII’s relationship.

  • Sinhra-8 Queen’s Blood Tournament
  • Costa del Sol beach Fight Partner
  • Gold Saucer Welcome Brawl with Dio
  • Gold Saucer Queen’s Blood Rematch
  • Loveless
  • Skywheel Date

The Gold Saucer Queen’s Blood Rematch will be available starting in Chapter 12. 

Tifa Lockhart

An image of Tifa's relationship meter and goals

Cloud and Tifa have been friends since childhood, and Rebirth takes a lot of time and care to expand this relationship throughout the game. Anytime you see the relationship icon above Tifa’s head, be sure to talk to her to increase her relationship meter. 

There are a plethora of side quests designated for Tifa and increasing your bond with her. Below you will find them broken down by region.


  • A Rare Card Lost


  • Dreaming of Blue Skies
  • Calling All Frogs


  • Bodybuilders in a Bind


  • My White-Haired Angel

Other actions you can take to build your relationship with Tifa Locakhart are listed below.

  • Inauguration Parade
  • Same Taste in Beachwear
  • Costa del Sol Beach Fight partner
  • Loveless
  • Skywheel Date

Outside of these options, using Synergy Abilities and Actions will better your relationship with Tifa. Main story beats will also help you romance Tifa.


An image of Yuffie's relationship meter and goals

Yuffie is the last of the bunch here. You can increase your relationship with Yuffie the same way you can with any other party member: Having conversations when the relationship icon is above her head, using Synergy Abilities and Actions on the battlefield, and completing a range of side-quests and other objectives.

Here are all of Yuffie’s side quests broken down by region.


  • Tides of War and Worry


  • The Saga of the Seaside Inn


  • Teach Me, Great Warrior

Cosmo Canyon

  • Bonds of Trust
  • Victim of Circumstance


  • Esoteric Secrets of the Elders

There are also some important milestones you can clear with Yuffie to increase your bond.

  • Corel Minecart Route & Score
  • 3D Brawler Match
  • Loveless
  • Skywheel Date

For Yuffie, the 3D Brawler match becomes available at the start of Chapter 12 when you reach the Gold Saucer again. 

That’s everything you need to know about all of the characters and how to romance them in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. For more tips and tricks check out our Rebirth hub page.

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