All Junon parade soldier locations - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Find all of the Junon soldiers for the parade.


During your time in Upper Junon, you’ll be recruited to take part in a parade performance. With hopes of getting the presidential commendation, you’ll need to really step up your game. In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, there are ten different soldier groups you’ll need to recruit. Here are all of their locations.

All Junon parade soldier locations

The first group of Junon soldiers outside

The first group of soldiers can be found as soon as you regain control of Cloud and crew. On the left-hand side of the street near the water. Just walk up to them and interact with them to recruit them to your party.

Second group of Junon soldiers

the second group of soldiers found outside with a cardboard cutout

On the opposite side of the street you'll see some Junon soldiers huddled around a cardboard cutout of Rufus Shinra. Take their picture to recruit them as well as get the cardboard cutout as a collectible.

Third group of Junon soldiers

Junon soldiers at the weapon shop

Head into the weapons shop right past the second group of soldiers to pick up the next set. These two soldiers will be standing right by the entrance staring at a display case.

Fourth group of Junon Soldiers

Junon soldiers walking into a bar

Do not exit the weapon shop the same way you came in. Hit the door on the other side of the shop and go across the alleyway. You’ll see a building across the street with a neon sign reading “The Glabrescent Bar.” You’ll see the Turk Rude enter the bar, follow him inside to recruit the next set of soldiers.

Fifth group of Junon Soldiers

Junon soldiers inside a bar upstairs

Take a right when leaving the bar. Go past the giant red staircase on your right and take the stairs located past them. The red staircase leads to a dead end, but the ones further down will lead you to another bar, where you can find Elena sipping a drink and the next set of soldiers to pick up.

Sixth group of Junon soldiers

Junon soldiers at the Materia shop

Go back to Main Street and head towards the weapon shop. Instead of going in, head to the Materia shop next door. You’ll find a group of soldiers looking at more display cases, pick them up.

Seventh group of Junon Soldiers

Junon Soldiers in the materials shop

Head out of the Materia shop and go down the street once more. This time you’re going to the Inn, which is marked by the bed icon. Head up the staircase inside of the Inn to enter the Folios shop. There’s another set of stairs on the right side, go up those to find the seventh group of soldiers ready to be recruited.

Eighth group of Junon soldiers

Junon soldiers being interviewed in the assembly room

Head out of the Inn back to Main Street. Here take a right and go into the building immediately to the right of the Inn - this is the Barracks. Take the stairs up one level and you’ll be in the Assembly Room, where another group of soldiers are waiting.

Ninth group of Junon soldiers

Junon soldiers in the Briefing Room

The ninth group of soldiers can be found on the next floor. Head up the stairs again to reach the Briefing Room, where a few soldiers will be on the far end of the room.

Tenth group of Junon soldiers

Junon soldiers in the Larboard Garrison
A map Location of the garrison

The last group is found at the Larboard Garrison Storeroom. Head towards the Larboard Garrison and take the stairs down to the bottom floor. The Garrison can be accessed from Main Street. 

Those are all of the Junon solider locations for the parade. For more guides check out our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth hub page. 

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