How to catch Belle black Chocobo - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

How to wrangle another Chocobo in these stealth sections.


In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth when you enter the Junon region, you’ll need to wrangle another Chocobo. This time, the black Chocobo Belle is a bit trickier to grab. So here’s how to catch the black Chocobo Belle.

How to catch Belle black Chocobo 

Once you’ve obtained the quest from the Chocobo ranch in Junon, head over to the marker on your map to begin another stealth minigame. This time you’ll need to use levers to activate minecarts to use as cover as you traverse the area. 

As soon as you begin, hit the lever to your right. It has a giant red glowing button on it making it hard to miss. As the cart begins to move, you’ll need to follow alongside of it on the opposite side of the Chocobo. This will give you enough cover to move past it. 

Cloud in front of a red light to move a minecart.

Once you’re past the cart, there will be another lever right in front of you. Hit that one to bring a different minecart towards you. Wait for the cart to come all the way back. Once it’s stopped moving, you’ll need to hit the same lever again to make the cart move forward. Follow the cart until you see the prompt for some rocks in the tall brown grass.

Cloud looking at the next lever in Junon

Roll into the grass and pick up the rocks. Then, you want to use the rocks to hit the button across from you. The Chocobos will not react to the rocks being thrown their way, so you’ll need to use them to bring the carts to you.

Cloud throwing a rock at the button to access the minecart

The minecart in front of you will begin to move right, follow it and stay on the outside of the tracks. 

When you make it to the first bend, you’ll need to switch sides on the track to stay out of the Chocobo’s vision. 

Cloud getting ready to switch to the inside of the track to avoid the Chocobo looming

When you make it to the following bend, switch back to the outside of the track. And follow it all the way around.

Cloud standing on the outside of the minecart approaching Belle

Once you reach Belle the black Chocobo, wait for the cart to be behind it, and then approach slowly and hit triangle to mount and wrangle the Chocobo.

Cloud about to wrangle Belle the Chocobo

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to catch Belle the black Chocobo in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. For more tips and tricks be sure to check out our Rebirth hub page.

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