Shack Chat: Who is your favorite Final Fantasy NPC?

Which characters ended up being our best buddies in Final Fantasy? The Shack Staff shares their opinions.


Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is out this week, and with it comes a grand adventure into a vast world of magic and machinery. Final Fantasy 7’s story is chockfull of so many good characters that we couldn’t help but think about which of them stuck with us most. With that in mind, this week’s Shack Chat is about Final Fantasy NPCs!

Question: Who is your favorite Final Fantasy NPC?

Cissnei - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Avoider of Final Fantasy 7 Spoilers

Cissnei in Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
Source: Square Enix

I had to think really hard about this one. Recency bias nearly had me picking Jill Warrick from Final Fantasy 16, just because of how much was put into developing her character. We met her at age 12, then saw her again as a Dominant for Shiva, and watched her relationship with Clive grow from there. She's strong, she's powerful, and she's a loyal partner. I almost picked her. Almost.

Then I thought about how much I came to love Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. Stop me if you've heard this one before, but I've never experienced the full Final Fantasy 7 story. The Remake era has been an incredible ride and it's included getting to play through the updated PSP classic, Crisis Core. I've come to adore Zack Fair, someone who I initially misjudged as an annoying comedy character and who won me over through his heart of gold and dogged determination.

Zack wouldn't be who he is without Cissnei, who is cut from much of the same cloth that he is. Cissnei didn't set out to be a Turk, but once she joined them, she wanted to be taken seriously, to be seen as someone just as capable as Tseng, Reno, and Rude. She grows right alongside Zack and the two become such natural friends that it's hard not to love their dynamic. The Turks are very obviously not a friendly bunch, but Cissnei is the exception.

Beatrix - TJ Denzer, Senior enjoyer of redemption plotlines

Beatrix in Final Fantasy 9
Source: Square Enix

Beatrix spends a long portion of Final Fantasy 9 working for the bad guys, and as the greatest swordsman on the planet, that means trouble for Zidane and his friends at several turns. When they don’t get pummeled by Beatrix in unwinnable fights, they often have to maneuver around her to avoid fighting. She’s simply that strong.

The thing that makes Beatrix interesting is that despite being strong and working for the baddies, she’s not actually a bad person herself. She believes in duty above all else and her duty is to her queen. She just can’t bare the thought of betraying the crown and it leads her to do some bad things, but in her heart, the people of her home kingdom of Alexandria must be protected above all else.

That’s what makes her slow shift from a dangerous and merciless enemy to an ally that much more palpable. Her rivalry with Steiner is also a great plot point throughout the game that pays off with a fantastic outcome. Beatrix is not to be trifled with, but her elegance, power, and the weight of her plotline through Final Fantasy 9 is a standout point for a lot of folks, whether you love her redemption or hate getting your butt kicked by her.

Vivi Ornitier - Sam Chandler, Little wizard weirdo

Vivi Ornitier in Final Fantasy 9
Source: Square Enix

I don’t know much about the Final Fantasy series, but what I do know is that I like the look of Vivi Ornitier. What I find most appealing about this character is his design. It just so perfectly nails that 2000s era style of character. He’s got no face, just floating eyes, and he rolls around in ill-fitting clothing. I’d love to see more of this little guy. (Editor’s note: Vivi is playable, but his fellow Black Mages in Final Fantasy 9 aren’t, so we’ll take these powerful little guys as a whole)

Kenny Crow - Donovan Erskine, doesn’t fantasize finality

Noctis with Kenny Crow in Final Fantasy 15
Source: Square Enix

I was hoping that I could use this Shack Chat to share my undying love for Tifa (I’ve never played FF7), but my sources have informed me that she is playable, disqualifying her from this prompt. Therefore, I’ll go with Kenny Crow. I love that FF15 is just some dudes on a road trip, and the fact that there’s a person in a crow costume that shows up is honestly icing on the cake.

And there you have it. That’s our favorite Final Fantasy MVPs. Who are yours? Let us know in the Chatty comment section below!

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