How to Play Granblue Fantasy in English

The original mobile game is localized; you just have to jump through a couple hoops!


With Granblue Fantasy: Relink out, I got the hankering to dive into the original game. After all, it’s the only way to get the full backstory on the whole IP. Obviously you can also watch the anime or read the manga, but if you’re like me, starting at the origin point has intrinsic value. The bad news is, Granblue Fantasy was never officially released in North America. The good news is, it got localized into English anyway.

Platform peril

Granblue Fantasy listed on the Apple App Store, in Japanese
Source: Apple

Since the original game was never officially released in the US, your options are going to start out limited. If you have an iOS device that isn’t jailbroken, you’re out of luck. Android is going to be the easiest way, although there’s a browser version as well. It’s janky, though, so for the purposes of optimal enjoyment, we’re focusing on mobile.

The easiest method is going to be QooApp. You’ll have to sideload the APK onto your device, but it’s a popular, reputable service that mostly just lets folks access games region-blocked by Google Play. Anyway, once you get that set up you can simply search for Granblue and install the app like normal.

Creating an account (or, just use Google)

To actually sign up and log into Granblue Fantasy once you have the app, you need to make an account for Mobage. Or at least, that’s how it used to be a while ago. This time, I was happy to see the game has since implemented a single sign-on/pass-through gimmick through platforms like Twitter or Google. So if you have a Google account, and you probably do, you don’t have to worry about navigating any of the Mobage stuff.

Several screenshots from Granblue Fantasy demonstrating combat
Source: Cygames

How to start Granblue Fantasy in English

Once you’re in, resist the temptation to smash the “GAME START" button. First, look for a “set language” box, with two buttons. Depending on your device or software (more on that in a sec), you might have to scroll a bit to see it. The top button is a drop-down, so click that bad boy and set it to English. Click the button under that to save, and after the page refreshes you can get started, with the game fully in English. It’s a really solid localization, too!

Don’t have Android? Try BlueStacks.

If you don’t have an Android device, you should download BlueStacks. It’s an Android emulator with a ton of cool features, and if you have a handheld device like a ROG Ally it works great. You can even sign into Google Play with your real Google account and use BlueStacks totally legitimately, so if you are worried about piracy that’s not a factor here. It’s what I’m using, since I’m a fool who uses an iPhone.

granblue fantasy running on bluestacks on a rog ally, in english
Source: Me; that's my hand

It’s surprisingly easy to play Granblue Fantasy in English without doing anything remotely nefarious. So if you’re been enjoying Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s superb action adventure or running sets in the Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising fighting game, give the original game a whirl! It’s a gacha RPG, and that comes with an inherent list of caveats. But from the art to the storytelling it’s a good time to be had. Just don’t get swept up in the premium character FOMO. Easier said than done, I know.

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