Where to find Plate Carriers - DayZ

There's a very specific way to get your hands on a Plate Carrier in DayZ.


DayZ is all about survival. Stay alive at all costs, even if it means doing terrible things to those around you. Sometimes that’s killing another player and taking their loot, and sometimes it’s absorbing damage and stay in the fight. The latter is why players in DayZ covet the Plate Carrier more than almost any other item. It absorbs projectile and shock damage, helping to keep you alive, conscious, and capable of defending yourself. Today, I’ll explain how you can get a Plate Carrier for yourself.

Where to find a Plate Carrier?

An image showing a Plate Carrier on an infected soldier in DayZ.

Plate Carriers in DayZ are most often found on the infected soldiers that roam military zones. While they are still rare to see in these circumstances, looting them from the bodies of dead infected is by far your best bet. According to the game files, vanilla (including official) DayZ servers running the Chernarus map only have three Plate Carriers that can be looted from military zones. This does not include the Plate Carriers you find on the infected. To put that in context, if you were alone on a DayZ map with no infected, and you looted every inch of every military zone, you would only find three Plate Carriers.

To increase your chances of finding a Plate Carrier, loot military bases, camps, and even checkpoints. Anywhere you find infected soldiers, look for ones that are wearing plate carriers. Try to take them out with a headshot, then loot the Plate Carrier and be on your way.

Once you loot a Plate Carrier in DayZ, you can attach Pouches and a Holster to it. The Pouches will increase your carry capacity, as without them the Plate Carrier doesn’t have inventory space like other vests in the game. The Holster will allow you to store your sidearm on the Plate Carrier, reducing the amount of gear you need to carry in your standard inventory.

Now that you know how to get a Plate Carrier in DayZ, get out there and start farming the military infected. You might even find some other cool loot along the way.

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