How to start a fire - DayZ

Here's a guide on all the different ways you can start a fire to keep warm in DayZ.


Whether you’re playing on vanilla maps or using a mod, DayZ can be a cold game for those that don’t have the proper clothing. Let your temperature dip too much for too long and you’ll be in real trouble. Keeping warm isn’t complicated if you know what you’re doing, though, so in this guide I’ll show you how to quickly make a fire to either cook your food or keep yourself warm.

How to start a fire

An image showing a survivor crafting a fireplace in DayZ

To start a fire in DayZ, you’ll need three things: kindling, fuel, and a means of ignition. You’ll also need to craft a Fireplace, then place it on the ground or in a permanent Fireplace in a home or building. Let’s start with crafting a Fireplace.

Stick plus one item makes a fireplace
Short Stick + Rags = Fireplace
Oak Bark
Light Bark

To craft a Fireplace, collect Light/Dark Bark, Paper, a Rag, or a Bandage, and combine it with either a Short Stick or Firewood. Hold one of the items in your hands, then drag the other and drop it into your hands from your inventory or the vicinity. When you do this, you’ll get the option to craft a Fireplace. Do so, and a Fireplace will be placed on the ground near you. You can then look at it, pick it up and hold it in your hands, and place it elsewhere, such as in a permanent Fireplace in a home or most places on the ground outside.

With the Fireplace crafted, you’re only missing the ignition portion of the equation. For this, you’ll typically use a Lighter, Matches, or Hand Drill Kit, but there are other means to light a fire.

An image showing a survivor crafting a Hand Drill Kit in DayZ.
Hand Drill Kit for fire ignition
Light/Dark Bark + Short Stick = Hand Drill Kit

If you have no traditional means to light the fire, you can craft a Hand Drill Kit by combining a Short Stick and a piece of Light/Dark Bark. Once again, hold one of the items in your hands and drag the other and drop it into your hands to combine them. You might see the option to craft a Fireplace, but you can scroll to instead select the option to craft a Hand Drill Kit. Do so, then pick up the Hand Drill Kit and hold it in your hands. If you approach and look at the fireplace you crafted while holding a means to ignite it, you’ll get the option to do so.

Once the fire is lit you can do many things with it, including adding more fuel, cooking, burning unwanted items, or even adding components to make it more functional and permanent. However, in the early hours of a DayZ run, most players just need to warm up quickly and get back on the trail. In that case, you know everything you need to do just that.

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