Shack Chat: What's your reaction to the GTA 6 trailer?

Sharing our first thoughts on the announcement trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6.


It's not an overstatement to say that the first trailer for GTA 6 was likely the most anticipated video game trailer of all time. Now that it's finally here, we've had a few days to watch, rewatch, and form some concrete impressions on the first look at the next chapter in Rockstar's iconic franchise.

Question: What’s your reaction to the GTA 6 trailer?

I'm here for the Bonnie & Clyde story - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Florida Man Watcher

Lucia and Jason wearing masks in a store.

Source: Rockstar Games

I watch these Rockstar stories with a lot of interest because if there's anything they've gotten good at over the years, it's presenting characters. The idea of a Bonnie and Clyde love story mixed with a crime spree speaks to me, especially if they can weave it into a modern setting. I think this could be a classic story, but I would need to know more. For now, these main characters have my attention.

Gator heist? - TJ Denzer, will let the gator be the muscle

A gator entering a convenience store.

Source: Rockstar Games

Given that Vice City was always supposed to be a spoof of Miami, it looks like Rockstar is leaning hard into parody of Florida, and that means alligators everywhere. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll figure heavily into the gameplay… but what if? What if you’re occasionally in danger of being mauled and deathrolled if you try to cross the wrong swamp? What if you can bring a particularly large one of these beasties into your crew? What if it can be your point man on heists? What gas station clerk is going to be able to keep their attention on your taking the cash when there’s a seven to nine foot gator in the building? I need to know more about the gator economy and gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 6. Bonnie and Clyde sounds fun, but Bonnie, Clyde, and Gator sound better.

A revolution in twerking physics - Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

One big theme of the latest GTA 6 trailer was the vastly improved twerk physics. Truly impressive technology on display there.

Rockstar’s Gonna Nail It - Bill Lavoy, Moving to Vice City

Key art of Lucia and Jason for GTA 6.

Source: Rockstar Games

We didn’t see any gameplay in the GTA 6 trailer, but Rockstar Games was still able to convey the feel and tone of the next Grand Theft Auto. They just get it. They don’t miss.

Typically, my attitude is that you have to show me gameplay or I’m going to have a hard time trusting what your trailer. Rockstar is the exception to that. A 90-second cinematic has given me total confidence that GTA 6 will be an instant classic.

The only negative from all of this is that it doesn’t appear GTA 6 will launch on PC at the same time as consoles, and that’s a bummer. As someone who simply doesn’t enjoy playing games on console, I’m going to have to wait more than two years from now to enjoy GTA 6 on PC, if not even longer.

But otherwise, I can’t wait to let loose in Vice City and see how Rockstar has outdone itself once again.

Rockstar Games doesn’t miss - Sam Chandler, Cunning Stunter

Several people riding dirt bikes down the street.

Source: Rockstar Games

I can’t believe we finally got to see Grand Theft Auto VI. It feels like we’ve been waiting years with nothing but unsubstantiated rumors to keep us going. It was definitely worth the wait. The game looks phenomenal and it’s no doubt going to look close to – if not exactly like – how it did in this reveal.

How can I be sure? The proof is in Rockstar’s pudding. Just take a look at Red Dead Redemption 2 or Grand Theft Auto V’s reveal trailers and compare them to what was released. It never ceases to amaze me how that company can just deliver every single time.

The 2025 release date is totally unsurprising. I just hope we get another look at the game sooner than the time between RDR2’s reveal and the next trailer – that was an entire year! I’m also hanging out for another deep dive into the mechanics and systems like what Rockstar did when it covered the camp, activities, and action in RDR2.

Between now and 2025, I’ll be scraping up and consuming every piece of GTA VI content I can get my eyes on. I just wonder whether we’ll be looking at an early 2025 release or will Rockstar stick with its Q4 release window? If it’s the latter, then we’re basically two years away from what will certainly be the biggest release in video game history. Put me down for thinking it will earn $1.1 billion in its first day.

I want to know everything about Lucia - Donovan Erskine, Never been to Vice City

Lucia standing by a door.

Source: Rockstar Games

Every frame of the GTA 6 trailer was electric, but it’s Lucia who really stole the show for me. Not only am I excited to play as a Latina woman in a GTA game, but the Bonnie & Clyde story they’re weaving here is really fascinating to me. Why is she in jail? Where’d she come from? Why’s she with this Jason dude? There’s so much that I want to know! I’ve already decided that if the story makes me choose between one of them to survive, I’m taking Lucia without hesitation.

They might have something here - Steve Tyminski, The real Rockstar!

Lucia and Jason entering a store with pistols drawn.

Source: Rockstar Games

I think people have been waiting for news on Grand Theft Auto 6 for quite some time now and the trailer has finally dropped. I love Tom Petty so right off the bat the song picked for the trailer fits the mood perfectly. One might think that this video isn’t what the game is going to look like but Rockstar has said that the trailer was in game, so only time will tell if this is what GTA 6 looks like. Adding a partner character feels like it should work in the GTA scheme of things. This way, you can add more things for the player to do without it seeming like it was just thrown in for padding. I always felt that GTA was going for a Miami Vice-style set in some form of the 1980s. The GTA 6 trailer does a nice job by keeping that retro feel as well as giving it a modern flair. People have been dying for anything on GTA 6 and it didn’t disappoint.

That's what we thought about the GTA 6 trailer, but we're sure you have some thoughts of your own, so sound off in the Chatty below!

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