How to access your Vault in Orbit - Destiny 2

Players can now open the Vault while in Orbit to take or store gear and items in Destiny 2.


Destiny players have been dealing with their Vaults since the alpha days of the first game. With Season of the Wish, Bungie introduced a brand new feature of the Vault that lets players open it while in Orbit. If you’ve not been keeping up with the news or don’t pay much attention to the Orbit screen, this new addition can be easy to miss.

How to open the Vault while in Orbit

To open the Vault when in Orbit simply press S on keyboard or down on the D-pad when using a controller. This will open up a version of the Vault that you would normally find when in the Tower or in the H.E.L.M. You can store, take, and dismantle items from this screen – it has the exact same functionality as though you were standing with your boots on the ground.

The Orbit screen from Destiny 2 with an arrow highlighting the Vault option
Press the on-screen button to open the Vault while in Orbit.
Source: Shacknews

This is a rather valuable upgrade, especially for those players that maybe don’t have access to the incredible community application, Destiny Item Manager. Also known as DIM, this program lets you manage your inventory across all characters, create and save builds, and so much more.

While you still can’t access your Vault while in a mission or Patrol, this new addition at least means you don’t need to fly into the Tower or the H.E.L.M. any time you want to store a new drop. This should help avoid those situations where flying into the Tower can take ages and all you want to do is grab Gjallarhorn.

Opening your Vault while in Orbit is a nifty new feature in Destiny 2. Remember to use this to your full advantage, especially as you move between activities. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more beginner guides and explanations of various in-game mechanics.

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