Shack Chat: What dessert are you pairing with your game this Thanksgiving weekend?

The Shacknews staff chews on a delicious topic for this Thanksgiving weekend Shack Chat.


The Shacknews staff has gone home for the Thanksgiving holiday, so it's time for another grab bag question. This weekend, we're asking about your favorite Thanksgiving dessert. More specifically, what are you pairing with your favorite games? Some of the staffers are already home with their families, but we did manage to get a few answers and we're excited to read your own.

Question: What dessert are you pairing with your game this Thanksgiving weekend?

Marie Callender's French Apple Pie - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Pie Editor

Source: Marie Callender's

The brown sugar crumble of a Marie Callender's French Apple Pie is calling upon me, especially when paired up with a scoop of Thrifty French Vanilla ice cream. The combination can't be beat and I'm hoping to have a dish at the ready when I dive back into New York with Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Sweet Potato Souffle - TJ Denzer, Senior News Editor

Source: Challenge Dairy

I’m playing slow and low this weekend. It’s gonna be turn-based Baldur’s Gate 3, gentle exploration in Tears of the Kingdom, and metropolis creation in Cities: Skylines 2. I’m gonna need something hearty and soul-warming to keep me going. That’s where sweet potato souffle comes in. Truly it could be sweet potato anything, but I have a delicious recipe for SP souffle that includes a chopped walnut and brown sugar glaze on top and plenty of vanilla and cream in the mix to make it really delicious. Put that on top of a graham cracker crust and you have a filling desert dish that is going to compliment my fireside adventures perfectly this holiday.

Pumpkin Pie - Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

It's not Thanksgiving until I have eaten too many slices of pumpkin pie.

Sugar-free banana brownies - Sam Chandler, Thankful for gains

Banana brownies

Source: Shuangy's Kitchen Sink

While we don’t officially celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, I nonetheless like to take a moment to be thankful during this holiday period - and eat some yummy food. And it wouldn’t be a delicious meal without some dessert. This weekend I’ll be having some sugar-free banana brownies. Now, I’ve had them before, and they are phenomenal, so I’m definitely looking forward to having more. Because despite the fact it’s a day of feasting (and being thankful), it doesn’t mean I should completely throw away the gains.

Sweet Potato Pie - Dennis White Jr., Social Media Masteremind

Sweet Potato Pie is the dessert that I think of first when it comes to Thanksgiving and for very good reason. Half the matriarchs in my family make a killer pie so there's always enough to go around. When I have a slice of a good Sweet Potato Pie, it’s very rare that I won't instantly go for another.

Sweet Potato Pie - Donovan Erskine, Never played Earthbound

Source: State of Dinner

Sweet Potato Pie is the best Thanksgiving food. End of discussion. And my mother makes an amazing Sweet Potato pie. Since living on my own, she makes me my own separate pie every thanksgiving. I’ll be enjoying sweet potato pie all weekend while gaming until I can’t game anymore.

Cookies - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo show host

Source: Food Network

I'm not the biggest dessert guy but give me a good sugar cookie or chocolate chip cookie and set for hours. This time of the year, Nov. and Dec., are the few times a year we'll bake cookies. These cookies are so good that they’re worth the wait. While playing Pokemon Scarlet or LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom, I’ll enjoy some cookies. If my brother comes over the weekend, I might pick up some Zelda tips as he loves to explore Hyrule. By the way, he would go for cookies too.

These are our dessert picks, but what are yours? Give us your answers in the Chatty comment section below before the tryptophan kicks in.

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