How to join a squad in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Learn how to join a squad or change to another squad during Modern Warfare Zombies mode.


Treyarch’s iconic Zombies mode has been modernized with the release of Modern Warfare Zombies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The new Zombies mode combines the structure of Warzone 2.0's DMZ gameplay with that of Cold War’s Outbreak. Although Modern Warfare Zombies can be played solo, the mode is geared toward cooperative play. Whether you are looking to link up with other players or want to add more members to your team, this guide covers what you need to know about joining and changing squads during MWZ.

Modern Warfare Zombies has a maximum squad size of six players. However, players can only queue up in teams of three, meaning the only way to reach the max squad size is by merging with other squads after entering a game. Similar to DMZ mode, Modern Warfare Zombies allows players to change squads mid-game, which is the key to expanding your zombie-slaying extraction team.

How to join a squad in Modern Warfare Zombies

A screenshot showing the Ping Wheel options in MWZ.

Source: Activision

Joining a squad and inviting players to your own is as easy as bringing up the Ping Wheel and selecting the appropriate options when around other players in MWZ. On a controller, this is done by pressing and holding up on the D-pad and using the right thumbstick to select either “Invite nearby players to join your squad” or “Request to join nearby squad” from the Ping Wheel options. For players using a keyboard and mouse, press and hold the mouse scroll wheel or Left Alt to bring up the Ping Wheel and choose from the options using your mouse.

Nearby players will be prompted to respond to requests and invites using their Ping Wheel. Once you have teamed up with a new squad or merged players into yours, you will be able to complete contracts and earn rewards together within MWZ.

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