How to buy extra land plots in Cities: Skylines 2

Here's how you can buy additional land for your city in Cities: Skylines 2.

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As you create the town of your dreams in Cities: Skylines 2, you’ll often find yourself wanting to expand your borders and open up more areas to build on. Luckily, the sequel carries over a feature from the first game that lets you acquire additional plots of land for your city. If you’re not sure how, we’ll show you how to buy extra land plots in Cities: Skylines 2.

How to buy extra land in Cities: Skylines 2

An overhead view of a city in Cities: Skylines 2. Map Tiles icon is highlighted in the lower left corner.

To buy extra plots of land in Cities Skylines: 2, click the grid icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. This is the “Map Tiles” button. From this screen, you can select plots of land as tiles on a grid and purchase them, allowing you to build structures and other services in that area. When you select a plot of land, the game will display the resources found in that area; this will determine how much the plot of land costs to buy.

In addition to money, you’ll also need Permits to buy land. Permits are rewarded every time your city reaches another milestone, which is accomplished by gaining exp through growing your population and keeping your citizens happy. It costs one Permit to purchase a plot of land, and you can see the number of plots you have as a badge attached to the Map Tiles icon.

A grid view of available plots of lands in Cities: Skylines 2.

Not only will you need to buy more plots of land to expand the size of your city, but it’s important to gain access to specific resources and open up new methods of travel for your citizens and tourists. While the original Cities: Skylines only allowed you to buy eight additional plots of land after creating your city, Cities: Skylines 2 expands that number to a whopping 441.

That’s how you can buy more plots of land and expand your territory in Cities: Skylines 2. For more helpful guides in the city builder sequel, Shacknews’ Cities: Skylines 2 topic page has everything you need to know.

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