Bungie releases statement after Monday's mass layoffs

Unfortunately, there's really nothing included in this statement to shed additional light on the layoffs.


On Thursday, Destiny 2 developer Bungie released a statement titled “Our Path Forward.” In that statement, the studio talked about a hard week at the studio, losing the trust of their players, and their commitment to exceeding expectations in the future. Please take a look.

Read the original statement here.

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Source: Bungie

If you ask me, this is a nothing burger. It does little to address the current problem that is consuming their community. It idiotically talks about 650 people pouring their energy into The Final Shape, a seemingly revised number after booting about 100 people out the door on Monday.

What I think the suits at Bungie are missing here is that Destiny 2 players are strongly connected to the developers that make one of their favorite games. We followed them on social media, screen capped when we met them in Trials, and intensely read their replies on Reddit. They were as much a part of our enjoyment of Destiny 2 as the actual content itself. Some of those people are gone. People who put themselves out there on social media despite the real dangers of doing so. That takes unprecedented passion. Passion that was allegedly met with 15-minute meetings where those people were laid off on the second-to-last day of the month. The ones who are left undoubtedly feel a little less joy now.

I can tell you that my desire to play Destiny 2 is at an all-time low, and this is my job. Even though I can expense purchases made in Eververse, I’d rather not spend a dime on this game. Things have changed. Good content isn’t enough to fix that.

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