Marvel Snap October 31, 2023 patch notes nerf Mobius and rework Wave

Second Dinner has targeted some of Marvel Snap's most popular cards in its latest patch.


As the Bloodstone season draws to a close, Marvel Snap is aiming to shift the metagame in the card battler with a new patch. Today’s Marvel Snap update adjusts several cards including Mobis M. Mobius, Wave, and Sandman. Let’s dive into the patch notes.

Marvel Snap October 31, 2023 patch notes

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Source: Second Dinner

The following patch notes were shared by Second Dinner on the Marvel Snap website today:

General Updates


Spotlight Cache Improvements

  • Spotlight Keys replace Spotlight Caches in the Collection Level Track
  • Spotlight Keys can be used to open a Spotlight Cache!
  • Feel free to collect them, you will not automatically open Caches
  • Press-and-hold the Spotlight Cache at the top when you have a Spotlight Key to open it
  • Getting a Spotlight Variant now also rewards the corresponding Avatar

Updates to your Deck’s Cosmetic loadout

  • When editing a deck, there’s a new tab for managing that deck’s avatar, cardback, and title.
  • This includes new screens for more easily viewing your cardbacks, avatars, and titles.

Bonus Gold for first purchases

  • Your first purchase of any Gold amount from the Shop now grants double the Gold!
    • Note: The feature will only take effect if you update to the latest version. This one-time bonus for each
  • Gold amount will apply to all players, even if they’ve already purchased Gold before this patch.


VO has been added for the following cards:

  • Kang
  • High Evolutionary
  • Living Tribunal
  • Odin
  • Heimdall
  • Dr. Doom

Collection Screen

  • Sorting by Upgradable now sub-sorts by Booster count to help find cards with lots of boosters.

Balance Updates

Card Updates

Mobius M. Mobius

  • [Old] 2/3 – Ongoing: Your Costs can’t be increased. Your opponent’s Costs can’t be reduced.
  • [New] 2/3 – On Reveal: Until the end of next turn, your Costs can’t be increased and your opponent’s Costs can’t be reduced.
    • Developer Note: Mobius M. Mobius has had a massive impact on the metagame, forcing a changing of the guard among top decks that saw perennial powerhouses like Zabu, Sera, and Death fall from grace in favor of decks that could push Power by just playing cards for their normal Energy Costs. While we were eager to see the world Mobius would create, we expected to make an adjustment down the road in order to welcome Cost reduction strategies back into the sunlight. Today is that day, as we’re shifting Mobius to provide a temporary counter that requires good timing to maximize the effect. This makes him trickier to set aside Energy for, kind of like Shadow King, and also opens up counters like Magik for decks that are hyper-vulnerable to Mobius being played on turn 5. We’re also interested to hear your feedback on our approach here, using a new card as a tool to create a new play environment temporarily.

Ravonna Renslayer

  • [Old] 3/3 – Ongoing: Your cards with 1 or less Power cost 1 less. (minimum 1)
  • [Change] 3/3 -> 2/1
    • Developer Note: Ravonna released on the weak side, and Mobius’s release immediately afterward put additional pressure on her decks. This is the sort of adjustment we’d normally be happy to make via an OTA, but we’ve waited until this patch because of Mobius. While Mobius was Ongoing, Ravonna buffs wouldn’t be as impactful as we’d like, so we’re hoping this change and its timing gives her an opportunity to succeed. We did decide to keep her stats just under Cost reduction hall of famer Zabu, because while Ravonna is more restrictive she can also affect a wider range of powerful cards. Enabling turn 5 Arnim Zola is a little scarier than turn 3 White Queen.


  • [Old] 3/3 – On Reveal: All cards cost 4 until the end of next turn.
  • [New] 3/5 – On Reveal: All cards cost a maximum of 4 until the end of next turn.
    • Developer Note: This is a change we’ve been sitting on for a while, but we didn’t want to introduce such a shake-up to the metagame during a time when Wave was an important balance tool for managing specific matchups. However, the combination of Loki, Mobius, and Alioth have all led to Wave seeing play in more decks than just ones looking to slow the game down and play big cards–we’re seeing a lot more decks get ahead, then use Wave to slam the door. Since that’s explicitly not what we want for Wave, the timing seemed right for this adjustment. Wave will no longer increase card Costs at all, just reduce cards that cost 5 or more to a maximum of 4. Because this effect is beneficial to both players, we’re improving her from 3/3 to 3/5. This change is certainly a nerf to Wave in some strategies, and we’ll look at their performance to evaluate future buffs.


  • [Old] 5/3 – Ongoing: Players can only play 1 card a turn.
  • [Change] 5/3 -> 5/4
    • Developer Note: With Wave no longer functioning as a Cost restriction and Mobius getting weaker, we’d like to give Sandman a buff in order to ensure he remains a relevant tool for countering decks that play a ton of cards in the final turns of the game. We’ll keep an eye on his performance going forward, because while we don’t want a world where Sandman is as common as Wave was, we do want him to have a meaningful presence. Like Ravonna and Mobius, this is the type of change we’d usually make in an OTA but prefer it to accompany Wave’s change.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

  • [Old] 3/5 – After ANY card is played here, destroy this card AND that card.
  • [New] 3/2 – After an enemy card is played here, destroy it. (once per game)
    • Developer Note: Negasonic has languished for a while now. We’ve seen glimmers of experimentation every now and then, but ultimately Negasonic has just not cut it in competitive decks. More concerning, she’s also turned out to be a bit complicated even for more casual play, requiring a fair amount of insight into matchups and priority to manage effectively. The biggest hurdles there are that the card both restricts your own play and blows herself up. So… now it doesn’t do either of those things! To compensate for this newfound strength when it comes to fighting over cramped locations on turn 6, we’ve reduced her Power a fair bit.


  • [Old] 1/1 – Ongoing: If you have 3 other cards here, +3 Power.
  • [New] 1/1 – Ongoing: If your side of this location is full, +3 Power.
    • Developer Note: Continuing from last patch, we’re making a minor adjustment to Ant-Man for consistency with Mojo and Dazzler. These cards now all check for the location being full rather than having a certain number of cards. While it’s sensible for Ant-Man to require teammates to get Power, he could easily grow to sit on the Space Throne himself.


  • [Old] 6/3 – On Reveal: Destroy ALL enemy cards played here this turn. (including unrevealed cards)
  • [Change] Now only destroys enemy cards that are still on the opponent’s side.
    • Developer Note: This change is a functional adjustment to Alioth to get his text in line with how he interacts with control-changing effects like Hobgoblin. Before, if the opponent revealed Hobgoblin before your Alioth, Alioth would destroy the Hobgoblin even though it’s now on your side. But Alioth’s text suggests he should only destroy enemy cards, and in the above scenario Hobgoblin has become friendly (well, friendly in that he’s one of your cards, at least). Alioth will now only destroy cards if they’re still on the enemy’s side when Alioth reveals.

Bug Fixes

  • New Bug Fixes in 21.x
  • Yondu’s VFX should pull from the correct deck now
  • Resolved an issue with Spider-Ham’s VFX that caused cards to blink off and on
  • Fixed an issue that caused the card backs of cards drawn by White Queen to be missing their asset
  • Resolved an issue with matchmaking UI scaling on some devices
  • Straighted out some UI alignment issues in the Shop
  • Fixed some issues with how the Collection Level Track would scroll
  • The Anime Storm variant’s frame break should no longer obscure cost and energy
  • FTUE popups should now be properly localized in all supported languages
  • Booster rewards should no longer display briefly as a white rectangle
  • Booster logos should display correctly now in the Conquest rewards screens
  • Card and location emotes are no longer missing their assets or displaying as white blocks
  • Swiping while looking at a card back from the card details view should no longer cause the card’s ability text to display mirrored
  • Evolved cards should no longer have High Evolutionary’s VFX visible before they’re revealed
  • Fixed an issue that caused Friendly battle’s victory/defeat screen to be missing it’s banners
  • The UI for the Conquest menu should be properly centered
  • Cleaned up the clickable areas and made emotes in-game more easily interacted with on most devices
  • The screen should no longer be blank for a moment when you have the Series 3 card focused when the shop rolls over
  • Kang’s banner and associated VFX should display the correct turn timer
  • Kang’s Rewind button should once again completely cover the End Turn button
  • Notification pips should no longer be visible beneath the card detail view
  • Fixed an issue that caused Collection Level Trophy Road assets to occasionally be slow to load
  • Player and Opponent text emotes should no longer overlap on some devices
  • Friendly Battle Mode results screen should no longer be empty
  • The CLTR should no longer show behind the deck edit view after upgrading a card
  • Alioth should no longer destroy your own cards in cases where your opponent staged them
  • Colleen Wing’s VFX should no longer play more than once when discarding a card
  • Cards returned to hand and replayed at a location where they’d be hidden should no longer reveal themselves when tapped while hidden
  • New Bug Fixes not caught in 20.x Patch Notes
  • Dazzler should now view an occupied Space Throne as a full location
  • The new player flow can be bypassed in some situations and cause the client to break until restarting.
  • PC Specific Bug Fixes in 21.x
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that was causing some players to crash upon startup
  • [PC] Resolved some issues with missing localization strings in some languages for Mission UI
  • [PC] Switching between languages after also swapping between Windowed and Fullscreen should no longer result in text to disappear from the UI

Known Issues List

New Known Issues in 21.x

  • The favorites icon may unintentionally be highlighted when equipping new cosmetics
  • The “Set as Favorite” UI can become misaligned when swapping between languages
  • The 20th deck can occasionally be partially obscured by the UI when scrolling through
  • Tapping on the empty space on either side of the Avatar and Title select screen can open those objects into their detail view
  • Occasionally the word “Free” on the daily 50 credits icon can change to a “0”
  • The currently selected deck may not always be the deck in focus when opening Deck Selection
  • The “Claimed” banner on the season pass may be misaligned for some levels
  • The carousel banners for Weekend Missions occasionally show incorrectly as “Season Missions”
  • Mission timers aren’t always refreshing appropriately in the client (requires a restart to see the new timer)
  • The dropdown menu doesn’t move with the deck list as the player scrolls
  • The losing player’s avatar in Conquest and Friendly battle will occasionally display incorrectly at match end
  • The title UI asset can overlap the cardback asset in the cosmetics loadout UI
  • “Hold to Open” and “Hold to Confirm” text can overlap card and reward descriptions and assets
  • The glowing border asset for adding/removing a card from your deck is occasionally layered improperly and shows behind other cards
  • The card asset can obscure various UI elements when being claimed off of the CLTR
  • Card upgrade UI isn’t always properly scaled to fit the screen when upgrading post-match
  • Some minor UI elements clip behind the spotlight cache carousel banner
  • Occasionally a miniaturized snapshot of the prior game can be seen when transitioning back to the main menu after a match

PC New Known Issues in 21.x

  • [PC] The main menu may flicker briefly when returning to it from other screens
  • [PC] The “Swap this Variant into All Decks” UI modal doesn’t always close appropriately
  • [PC] The weekly missions reward UI is missing its blur effect
  • [PC] Signing out and then back into the same Google account on PC during the same session can result in various UI issues
  • [PC] Using Fast Upgrade from the Shop can cause some minor but strange UI layering issues with the collection screen
  • [PC] When going to the Shop from the Collection Screen, the reward previews for bundles show duplicate assets
  • [PC] Mousewheel scrolling doesn’t work in the gaps between avatars in the Avatar selection screen
  • [PC] Scrolling between decks doesn’t function correctly when changing between Landscape and Portrait in the session
  • [PC] The booster logos are blurry at the post-match results screen

Existing Known Issues

  • If you have the S3 claim reward confirmation up at the time that the card timer rolls over, the UI is no longer closable
  • Some FTUE and informational popups are displaying incorrectly for some devices with a notch
  • Attempting to claim multiple rewards from the Collection Level track simultaneously can result in an error occurring
  • The mission reward animation fails to play when you tap to complete missions from the main menu carousel
  • Sometimes newly upgraded infinity variants will have some z-fighting and other visual artifacts occur on the upgrade screen
  • The flare icon for some infinity split cards is occasionally missing its asset and displaying as a white block
  • The SOLD text after purchasing a bundle is too large in some languages
  • Occasional Z-fighting can be seen when card reveals and VFX occur while the player information panels are open
  • Lady Deathstrike’s thumb is partially obscured at the base and framebreak rarity levels
  • Mysterio’s VFX are not displaying correctly on some Android devices
  • Distorted SFX can occur when scrolling through the CLTR after upgrading a card
  • Living Tribunal’s VFX can repeat if played with certain other cards
  • Card flare effects aren’t playing to full effect
  • Hulks generated by Gamma Lab show VFX for High Evolutionary but do not receive the updated ability.
  • VFX associated with High Evolutionary’s evolved cards can occasionally persist after the card or location has been destroyed
  • The infinity split prompt extends out of frame in Japanese
  • The pin button persists on the token shop after you’ve claimed that card but does not function
  • Evolved Shocker’s VFX initially target nothing
  • [Conquest] Occasionally the exclusive card progress bar doesn’t update appropriately until you’ve switched screens
  • Intro animations can overlap between Thanos and High Evolutionary
  • Missions may not visually update properly when on the missions screen as the timer rolls over
  • [Conquest] Some oddities with asset layering
  • Hard restarting your app in the middle of a Fast Upgrade can cause an error to occur after you’ve restarted necessitating another restart to fix
  • The order of certain new user tutorials can change unexpectedly if that user immediately jumps into friendly battles
  • SFX do not play when retreating on turn 1
  • It can be hard to add or delete letters in the deck name on Android.
  • Ongoing abilities delay the merge VFX for Klyntar.
  • Mysterio’s token doesn’t update appropriately in all views when a using a variant.
  • Spectrum’s VFX for indicating which cards will be impacted by her ability aren’t always displaying
  • Cards in the Fast Upgrade section occasionally show the incorrect art.
  • Quantum Realm doesn’t reduce the power of cards that have their cost and power swapped.
  • Some item names in bundles have too-small fonts or can be cut off in some languages.
  • Series 3 Token shop may show duplicate items before it’s rolled through each card..
  • Some elements of the splash screen may be visible across adjacent screens
  • If you own all Series 4 and 5 cards as well as all Ultimate variants then the token shop will become inaccessible for Series 3 cards as well
  • Logging out and attempting to sign in via a different method can result in a hang on the Assembling splash
  • When Scarlet Witch or Reality Stone changes a location to Project Pegasus or Tinkerer’s Workshop, this location can trigger two turns.
  • Corners of cards can appear cut off when tilted during the card detail view
  • A long delay can occur an indestructible card such as colossus is played on Murderworld
  • Infinity Stone card descriptions overlap the art assets in Korean
  • Upgrade button not greyed out when the player doesn’t have enough credits
  • [Conquest] Repeatedly tapping on screen as you exit Conquest may cause the UI to break and require a restart to fix
  • If a player immediately restarts the app after fast upgrading a card they may see the upgrade rollback
  • Mission packs don’t refresh if you’re looking at them (need to change screens to see them update)
  • Luke Cage’s VFX play briefly every time that player plays a card
  • A card copied from a merged Phoenix Force cannot be moved.

PC Specific Existing Known Issues

  • [PC] Multiple tabs can be highlighted at once if using a touchscreen device
  • [PC] The “Never Seen Before” UI can overlap the Retreat UI in Friendly Battles
  • [PC] The background assets of the Conquest UI can briefly disappear when transitioning between UI
  • [PC] Some UI artifacting can occur at different PC resolutions
  • [PC] After toggling between portrait and landscape mode the player is occassionally brought to the Collection screen instead of the Main Menu
  • [PC] The season missions tab isn’t properly highlighted when accessing the missions UI from the Main Menu
  • [PC] Some UI elements on the main menu are missing their hoverstate SFX
  • [PC] Hovering over the emojis in card detail view while in a match highlights the base emoji as well

Those are all of the changes in the latest Marvel Snap patch. For more Marvel Snap news, Shacknews has everything you need to know.

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