How to turn off night visuals - Cities: Skylines 2

Building at night can be a pain, so here's how you can simply turn night visuals off in Cities: Skylines 2.


Cities: Skylines 2 is out now and people all over the world are diving in to build the cities of their dreams. Unfortunately, when night rolls around dreaming is about all you can do, as night mode in Cities 2 makes is tough to build. Today, I’m going to show you how to turn off night visuals.

How to turn off night

An image showing how to turn off night visuals in Cities: Skylines 2

To turn off night in Cities: Skylines 2, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, click on Options from the list, select the Gameplay settings, and then toggle Day/night visuals off by removing the checkmark from the box. Here’s a bit more visually pleasing way to see those settings:

  • Click the gear icon
  • Click Options
  • Click Gameplay
  • Uncheck Day/night visuals

Time is still going to pass as it normally would, but it will always be daytime for you in your game, which makes it much easier to build. Of course, Cities: Skylines 2 is a beautiful game at times, so it’s advised that if you aren’t building to turn night visuals back on now and then to enjoy observing your city overnight. It can be quite breathtaking, especially at sundown.

Now that you know how to turn night off in Cities: Skylines 2, I highly advise you check out our guides on how to become cash flow positive, and peruse our best starting maps. We’ll be adding more guides over the coming days, weeks, and months, as we plan to build cities for years to come. Join us.

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