Best Loki decks - Marvel Snap

Here are some Loki decks to give a try in Marvel Snap.

Second Dinner

Marvel Snap’s September 2023 season adds the trickster Loki as the newest Season Pass card. His On-Reveal effect replaces your hand with cards from your opponent’s starting hand, with a reduced cost. It’s got excellent synergy with cards like Quinjet, Collector, and others. Let’s check out some of our favorite Loki decks in Marvel Snap.

Loki Collector

Deck list: Quinjet, The Collector, Zabu, Sentinel, Mystique, Agent Coulson, Loki, Nick Fury, Iron Lad, White Queen, Devil Dinosaur, Doctor Doom.

Source: Untapped

This deck is currently rated as the most popular Loki deck in Marvel Snap according to deck tracker Untapped. It features Quinjet and The Collector, which are must-haves in every Loki deck. Cards like Agent Coulson, Nick Fury, and White Queen will keep your hand filled, allowing Devil Dinosaur and Mystique to be as powerful as possible on Turn 7. The double discounts from Loki and Quinjet should be enough for you to unleash a barrage of cards on your opponent.

Loki Bounce

Deck list: Wasp, Quinjet, Mirage, The Collector, Sentinel, Mysterio, Bishop, Hit-Monkey, Shadow King, Loki, Sera, Moon Girl.

Source: Jeff Hoogland

This deck comes courtesy of Marvel Snap content creator Jeff Hoogland. It looks to marry the bounce archetype with Loki. The Collector is a staple in both archetypes, and should have no issue adding at least a few points of power whenever you’re able to get him out early. Coming off a fresh buff, Snowguard allows more location control as well as a couple extra cards to beef up The Collector.

Loki Darkhawk

Deck list: Korg, Quinjet, Zabu, Mystique, Cosmo, Rockslide, Agent Coulson, Loki, Darkhawk, Shang-Chi, Nick Fury, Devil Dinosaur.

Source: Untapped

This deck is similar to the Collector deck mentioned earlier, but leans into Darkhawk as a core point stack. Zabu and Rockslide should streamline Darkhawk’s implementation, while the inclusion of Mystique and Devil Dinosaur allow a solid alternative to getting some numbers into a lane.

Those are some of our favorite Loki decks to play in Marvel Snap. As the meta continues to grow and evolve, we’ll be sure to revisit this guide and make adjustments as better decks emerge. Stick with Shacknews for more Marvel Snap content.

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