How to Get a Chocobo - Final Fantasy 16

Unlocking a familiar mount in Final Fantasy 16 is largely a matter of time.


Despite all the recent discourse over what is and isn’t a Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s latest adventure is full of spells, characters and creatures that signify the series. Chocobos are one of the series’ most beloved woodland creatures, and in Final Fantasy 16 you mostly get to either fight wild ones or see the large, yellow birds hanging out with NPCs. However, stick with the game long enough and you can eventually wrangle a feathery steed for yourself. It takes a good while though, so if you’re stuck wondering how to actually get a chocobo in Final Fantasy 16, we got you.

How to Get a Chocobo

Final Fantasy 16 Chocobo unlock quest
Source: Square Enix

The first step to making your own bird-brained buddy is to simply progress the story. You won’t be able to get this whole thing started until you make it around 15 to 20 hours into Final Fantasy 16’s main story, depending on your own pace. Without any spoilers, you’ll need to get through the main scenario quest “The Gathering Storm.” You don’t have to finish it entirely, but you have to get to the “turning in” part. Once you do that, you’ll see a side quest called The White-Winged Wonder appear right outside Martha’s Rest.

The White-Winged Wonder Side Quest

Final Fantasy 16 Chocobo quest map
Source: Square Enix

This is an easy enough quest to run through. You barely have to head down the road from the starting point, beat up some bad guys and their wolf homies, and move on with your life. You’ll unlock a very specific (spoilers, again!) chocobo, which you’ll be able to summon almost any time you’re roaming around outside of towns. There isn’t a massive impact on the game from this optional, unlockable feature, but it’s a nice nod to an important part of the Final Fantasy mythology. And since it doesn’t show up until such a big chunk of game time, hopefully we’ve helped you answer a nagging question.

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