The Long Dark's next update will overhaul cooking and fishing

Tales from the Far Territory Part Three will introduce recipes for paid expansion pass owners, and an overhauled fishing experience for all players.


The Long Dark is rolling along with its Tales from the Far Territory expansion pass, and today Hinterland announced that Part Three would be arriving later in June. The new update will bring something for everyone, even if you don’t own Tales from the Far Territory.

Tales from the Far Territory Part Three will see two core systems overhauled: cooking and fishing. Cooking will see a new user interface and the introduction of Frontier Cooking. Fishing, on the other hand, will give players more freedom over where they can fish, and will introduce several new species.

An image showing recipes that players will be able to cook in The Long Dark
Lily's Pancakes look like a winner.
Source: Hinterland Games

Frontier Cooking will allow players to prepare more complex dishes using 7 new ingredients and 24 recipes. It appears this will include 15 known recipes with 9 more that can be found through exploration. A closer look at the screenshot in the blog post suggests that the dishes you can make depend on your cooking skill level, so expect to be eating a lot of Rabbit Pie before you can dig into Lily’s Pancakes. Frontier cooking will require the paid expansion pass for Tales from the Far Territory.

The fishing overhaul will be free for all players and also looks to be a game changer.

In addition to those two system overhauls, Part Three of Tales from the Far Territory will include a new species of wildlife called the Ptarmigan, and new crafting recipes to complement it. The cooking overhaul will include a new Skillet, and the fishing update will feature the Fishing Lure in addition to the new species.

An assortment of fish species lying on the ice in The Long Dark
Fishing might just end up being my new favorite way to feed myself in The Long Dark.
Source: Hinterland Games

Finally, paid expansion pass owners are getting new tool variants, including three new Revolver variants, another Bow variant, and a new variant of the Flashlight. Each one, like the existing tool variants, will include its own unique aesthetic and some stat differences to give players more options when choosing what to bring on their next adventure.

Tales from the Far Territory continues to breathe new life into a game that was already exceptional. Some of the changes in Part One and Part Two have refreshed the survival experience, and Part Three should be no different. Complex recipes will change how players approach food, and the freedom to fish outside of huts should provide both benefits and pitfalls.

To get a complete picture of Part Three of Tales from the Far Territory, read the full June developer diary for yourself, and check out The Long Dark’s expansion pass page to see what’s already live and what may be coming.

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