Street Fighter 6 maintenance & server status

A look at Street Fighter 6's server status and maintenance schedule including troubleshooting and additional information.


With Street Fighter 6 available the world over, players are fighting their way into the servers to brawl in the streets. Sometimes, though, the server status alerts players that there is an issue, meaning they can’t sign in, connect to matches, or something else. Below you’ll find info regarding SF6 server status, maintenance schedule, and where you can look for additional help.

Street Fighter 6 server status & maintenance

Players have come to expect a solid online experience from Street Fighter 6, but sometimes servers go down and maintenance kicks in. Whenever this happens, it’s best to head to official Capcom sources, like the Street Fighter Twitter account. This account will offer live updates on emergency maintenance and more.

Additionally, check out the Capcom Support page for information on troubleshooting Street Fighter 6. As time goes on, Capcom may introduce more tools for players to use in order to solve any issues unrelated to server maintenance. For those playing on Steam, remember that Steam has weekly server maintenance which may affect your ability to get online and fight.

If Street Fighter 6 is not undergoing maintenance and you still cannot access the game, it could be worth troubleshooting your own connection. We’ll be sure to keep you updated should Capcom provide more information or resources. Check out our SF6 page for more coverage of this latest entry in the iconic fighting series.

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