Evercore Heroes provides competitive play without PvP frustrations

Evercore Heroes takes the MOBA mold and makes it a less mentally taxing experience.

Vela Games

The MOBA genre has the reputation of being one of the most enjoyable, yet competitively intense genres out there. It’s that nature that has caused many to hesitate to get into the MOBA world, and something that was heavy on the minds of Vela Games when developing Evercore Heroes. A competitive MOBA that focuses on PvE encounters. I had the chance to get a taste of what the developers are cooking up in a recent preview.

Better together

Art of four characters standing on a cliff.

Source: Vela Games

In Evercore Heroes, players compete in teams of four to defeat NPC enemies as they adventure through arenas set in the magical land of Lumerea. Before you jump into the game, players pick from a roster of playable characters, each falling under one of three classes: Tank, Damage, and Support. The characters in each class feature unique playstyles such as ranged, melee, and spellcasting. I was a big fan of Cynder, a fire-wielding attacker, and Fyn, a stout defender that can put up a shield to mitigate incoming damage.

It was immediately clear to me that team composition is a key to success in Evercore Heroes. We would assign jobs to each other based on our character advantages, and it was fun to experiment with different hero combos to see who played best with who. You pick a single ability at the start of the game, and can unlock and upgrade more as you earn experience.

Cross-dimensional battles

A gameplay screenshot in Evercore.

Source: Vela Games

While you aren’t fighting enemy players directly, Evercore Heroes uses PvE elements to add a competitive element. For example, one portion of a match requires teams to protect the Evercore, a massive gem at the center of the map. All teams are doing this simultaneously, and the onslaught of enemies doesn’t end until one of the teams is defeated. You can actually see the remaining health of enemy teams’ Evercore at the top of your screen.

One of the final confrontations in Evercore sees teams dropping down to a lower area of the map to fight some of the toughest foes in the game. As you defeat brute enemies, you can actually send them over to fight other teams. The better you perform, the harder things become for other players, and vice versa. You can also inadvertently help them by hitting their monsters from across the dividing border.

To the endgame

Lotus in an Evercore Heroes cutscene.

Source: Vela Games

Vela Games is carefully constructing Evercore Heroes to hit all of those MOBA buttons, without some of the aggression and toxicity that’s become synonymous with the genre’s biggest titles. There’s a clear grasp on the formula and what works, and I look forward to seeing how it all comes together in the full release.

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    Donovan Erskine posted a new article, Evercore Heroes provides competitive play without PvP frustrations

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      May 9, 2023 3:56 PM

      I really wanted to like this game, like really tried to. But without that worry of PvP it's just not that much fun.

      I'm not sure if the current build has team chat in it (I'm pretty sure the build I was in did not) but just removing the other team does not stop the toxicity. You still can die due to stupid decisions, or play in a way counter to your team wants in which case you'll see your teammates just stop moving. Whether you're dying to PvP or PvE you're still going to frustrate your own teammates. If you want to have a low-toxicity game the best ways to do it are accountability (Either through buy in or non-anonymous tracking like a phone number or CC needed) and loser points.

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