Try these Nimrod decks in Marvel Snap

Here are the cards that have great synergy with Nimrod in Marvel Snap.


Marvel Snap’s Days of Future Past season has arrived, and with it comes a slew of new cards, locations, and cosmetics. This includes Nimrod, the mutant hunter that holds the honor of being the Season Pass card for March 2023. If you picked up Nimrod and want to build some decks around him, we’ll go through the best cards to pair with Nimrod in Marvel Snap.

Venom Nimrod

Decklist: Deadpool, Nova, Bucky Barnes, Forge, Carnage, Wolverine, Venom, Killmonger, Wave, Shang-Chi, Nimrod, and Death.

Decks playing Nimrod will want to leverage the card’s unique ability, which adds copies of it to the other two locations after it is destroyed. Forge and Nova can provide a Power boost to Nimrod prior to its destruction. Venom allows you to activate Nimrod’s ability while also maintaining its Power level at its original location. Cards like Bucky Barnes, Carnage, and Wolverine are Destroy deck staples, and all the action could leave you with a pretty cheap Death by the end of the game.

Nimrod Destroyer

Deck list: Nova, Bucky Barnes, Carngage, Wolverine, Colossus, Green Goblin, Electro, Shuri, Shang-Chi, Hobgoblin, Nimrod, and Destroyer.

Destroyer is an excellent enabler for Nimrod, as the new Season Pass card is the rare Marvel Snap card that benefits from Destroyer being played on turn six. The idea here is to use Shuri to double Nimrod’s power before creating copies of the card at the end of the game. Green Goblin and Hobgoblin allow you to put power into play that won’t be retracted by Destroyer.

If you don’t have access to Shuri, we recommend playing Psylocke or Forge instead, as they will help in ramping up into your more expensive cards and boosting Nimrod’s power, respectively.

Nimrod Move

Deck list: Human Torch, Iron Fist, Nightcrawler, Beast, Carnage, Colossus, Cloak, Venom, Kingpin, Nimrod, Aero, and Heimdall.

This deck is a bit more experimental, combining core elements of the movement and destroy archetypes to create something wacky and unique. In an ideal world, you would play Kingpin as early as possible, and get Nimrod out on turn five. On the final turn, Heimdall will slide Nimrod into the Kingpin lane, destroying Nimrod and creating copies at the other locations. Just be careful not to inadvertently destroy your non-Nimrod cards in the process.

Since the desired outcome of this deck is a bit more inconsistent than the others, there are some contingencies. Iron Fist provides a way to move Nimrod into the Kingpin lane on turn 6, and is also a great pairing with Human Torch. Beast allows you to pick them up and play them a second time if you expend that combo early on.

Those are some Nimrod decks that we’re enjoying in Marvel Snap. As the community spends more time with the card, we’ll be looking to see what new Nimrod combos pop up. For more on Marvel Snap, Shacknews has you taken care of.

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